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MicroSeismic, Inc. Announces New Leadership

Gary Hargraves Named President and COO HOUSTON - August 25, 2022 - ...

David Trotter Joins Identifee as Chief Revenue Officer to Lead the Next Stage of Company’s Growth

LOS ANGELES - August 24, 2022 - (

Identifee, the connected platform for financial services, today has announced that David Trotter, former Wells Fargo executive, has joined as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). In this role, Trotter will continue the expansion of the company's overall growth by leading the sales organization and defining the go-to-market strategy.

Identifee is the first vertical SaaS for financial services organizations that provides a holistic view across siloed systems to help them grow revenue faster. The connected platform combines CRM, Business Intelligence, Training, and Payment Technology as a turn-key solution to save financial institutions 20+ hours per week while delivering automated actionable insights to their clients and prospects.

Trotter has spent over 25 years leading high-performing teams in Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Treasury Management. As head of Treasury Management, he was responsible for $4B in revenue and 3,000 team members. His focus in all roles was having the best people, and providing clients with the insights they need to succeed. This focus led to tripling the prospect conversion rate for the Commercial Bank and elevating Treasury Management from third to first in domestic market share within three years. 

"The first time I saw what Identifee was building, I knew it was a game changer and something I had to be a part of," says Trotter. "I can't wait to share what we can do with my friends in the financial services industry."

Trotter joins the Identifee executive leadership team, consisting of banking and technology specialists, focused on delivering the best-in-class solution. 

"David's wealth of knowledge and expertise will be a huge benefit to our company and clients," says Amy Lynn Johnson, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of Identifee. "Our goal is to help financial institutions operate more efficiently while growing revenue — David's passion coupled with his extensive experience will help us accelerate growth through new client acquisition and take Identifee to the next stage of growth."

About Identifee

Identifee is a connected platform built specifically for financial services organizations to help them grow top-line revenue, faster, by providing better, data-driven insights about their clients and prospects.

For more information on Identifee, please visit

Media Contact

Kevin Miyamoto

[email protected]

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WT Group Announces Joint Venture With Greenwich Energy Solutions

This venture will create a regional footprint to offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective, single-source energy solutions WT Group WT Group ...

Earthling Security Receives StateRAMP Certification

Earthling Logo RESTON, Va. - August 24, 2022 - ( Ear...

Revolutionary Aneutronic Fusion Energy Generator Being Built by Kronos Fusion Energy Will Provide Clean, Renewable Energy to National Defense Infrastructures

With Carl Weggel Leading Its Design, Kronos Fusion Energy's Aneutronic Clean Energy Solution Will Revolutionize Energy Generation For The Coming Century

ARLINGTON, Va. - August 23, 2022 - (

The Department of Defense (DoD) is looking for future electrical solutions via hybrid and all-electric technologies. Kronos Fusion Energy Defense System, a division of Kronos Fusion Energy Incorporated, is working to make the next technological leap to provide limitless power generation to the military at the point of need and provide the long-term solution to military power and fuel requirements. Kronos is on a mission to commercialize fusion energy through its compact, affordable, universally available aneutronic solution. Kronos with their daring commercial fusion-energy generator, S.M.A.R.T (Superconducting, Minimum-Aspect-Ratio Torus), aims to give the U.S. energy independence while allowing our military to continue domination globally. 

Kronos Founding Partners/Board Members General (RET) Gustave F. Perna, Major General (RET) Robin Fontes, Major General (RET) Paul Pardew, are pursuing military applications in propulsion (land, sea, air, space), basing, and tactical power. These efforts will not only support DoD clean energy goals but also directly impact improving the U.S. Military's warfighting capabilities. These efforts will free U.S. military from the constraints of a dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear fusion reactors currently in use. General (RET) Gustave F. Perna, with his lessons learned and experience of taking the Covid-19 Vaccine to market, is now using his expertise to develop an "Operation Warp Speed" style strategy that will be applied at Kronos for the commercialization of fusion energy.

"Kronos Fusion Energy Defense System's magnet technology and tactical fusion power-generation design will expand the U.S. military's global reach by extending the range of warfighting systems, lessening their logistics requirements, and increasing their overall capabilities. Kronos aims to provide tactical fusion generation that unencumbers our military's current dependence on traditional fuels. We believe we can start making these military improvements by mid-decade. MG (RET) Paul Pardew will be heading up military contracting as well as the government relations division," said Major General (RET) Paul Pardew.

Providing fusion energy generation to the nation's warfighters will allow them to generate near limitless power. It allows the U.S. military services to power ships, planes, vehicles, communications, satellites, and electrical grids to support any operation, such as major theaters of war, humanitarian assistance, and intelligence collection. MG (RET) Robin Fontes, previously in charge of U.S. Cyber Command, has taken on the role of cyber security specialist for Kronos. 

Kronos's patented approach for an aneutronic Q40 fusion energy generator is currently undergoing simulations at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, with support from Konstantin Batygin (California Institute of Technology), and Paul Weiss (University of California, Los Angeles/Harvard).

As the puzzle begins to align to bring fusion energy closer to reality, Kronos will continue on their path to revolutionizing U.S. military capabilities for the future.

Press Contact: 
Andrea Romero - Sakura Marketing
[email protected]

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VET Tv to Showcase and Stream the American Legion’s 103rd National Convention

SAN DIEGO - August 23, 2022 - (

 Veteran Entertainment Television (VET Tv) announced today that it will be onsite at the 103rd National Convention of The American Legion, Aug. 29 through Sept. 1, 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The streaming service dedicated to authentic storytelling of veterans by veterans will report on the most pressing and timely issues facing America's veterans and their families.

VET Tv's coverage will focus on employment and transition, The American Legion's efforts to shape legislation favorable to veterans and their families, and suicide prevention - with special attention on The American Legion's "Be the One" campaign. With dozens of key decision makers, policy experts, and national leaders attending the convention, VET Tv will be positioned to provide their veteran audience with information they need to know.

"We're truly excited to help The American Legion reach a wider and more diverse audience, especially our active and engaged post-9/11 community," said Waco Hoover, VET Tv's chief executive officer. "With everything The American Legion has done for veterans across the nation, we really want to do our part to make sure the younger generation understands the impact The American Legion has made in support of those who've given so much in defense of America."

With a current membership of nearly two million veterans, The American Legion was founded in 1919 on the four pillars of a strong national security, veterans' affairs, Americanism and youth programs.

"The American Legion is known for tackling the most important issues facing veterans," said Dean Kessel, Chief Marketing Officer for The American Legion. "We're excited to have VET Tv at the convention covering topics our members feel are important and essential to every veteran in America."

In addition to content created at the convention, VET Tv will offer a free one-month trial of their streaming service to every member of The American Legion in the run-up and aftermath of the national meeting.


About Veteran Entertainment Television - VET Tv

VET Tv is a mission-driven brand using entertainment as a vehicle to create community, connection and improve the mental health for those who served. The company is an U.S.-based, vertically-integrated, over-the-top media service that specializes in creating, producing, self-distributing, and marketing film and television series whose primary audience is the military and veteran community.

For VET Tv

Media contact: Mike Lavigne at [email protected] or (571) 390-3480. 

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KlimaDAO Announces the Appointment of Alik Hinckson as a Strategic Advisor

SAN FRANCISCO - August 23, 2022 - ( KlimaDAO, the leading s...

Ignite IT Announces Inc. 5000 Placement

Ignite IT ranked No. 298 overall on the annual Inc. 5000 list, as well as being ranked as the 7th fastest-growing business in the Government Services sector, and the 10th fastest-growing business in the state of Virgin...

USPA Nationwide Security Targets Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2023

The international security firm has reached platinum level certification by the Green Business Bureau after significant investments into research and development of zero carbon footprint initiatives - 5 years in the ma...

Dedication Ceremony to Celebrate the Late Congressman John R. Lewis

TROY, Ala. - August 19, 2022 - ( On Saturday, August ...

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Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (COHA) Signatories

The following is attributable to Spokesperson Ned Price: Secretary Blinken met with the signatories of the Pretoria Cessation of Hostilities...
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