Friday, September 22, 2023

During this weekend’s upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, we’ll “meet” a new couple.

Meisha Johnson has quite the story. He He knows that she won’t approve.


46-year-old Nicola will speak to his friend, Wasim, while 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days introduces him on Sunday, June 18.

<span class=image caption credit>On Season 6 Episode 3 Wasim is not exactly hyping up his longtime buddy<span>

Simply put, he cannot imagine what their relationship will be like.


“She is out of his league,” Wasim says accurately of the two of them.

<span class=image caption credit>Its not just about looks though that is also a factor<span>

Wasim characterizes Nicola as spending all of his time in his room, praying to Mary. While that is likely hyperbole about the devout Catholic, he’s unsure of how Nicola and Meisha will work out.


Before viewers condemn Wasim for throwing his friend under the bus, Nicola isn’t exactly portraying himself as a ladies man.

<span class=image caption credit>Apparently he has neither kissed nor touched a woman in 16 years<span>

And when he says touched, he means “touched” — as in, even then, he wasn’t taking anyone to pound town.


To hear Nicola tell it, he has never had sex in any way, shape, or form.

<span class=image caption credit>It would be interesting if someone or something casts doubt upon this claim during the season but there are no hints of that so far<span>

Explaining his personal history to the confessional camera, Nicola details that he has had only one relationship, ever, in his life.


He goes on to explain that this is an expression of his faith as a Catholic.

<span class=image caption credit>Nicole believes that he must remain celibate until marriage<span>

This brings an interesting twist into the picture. Me

It’s not just because she is an adult convert.

Meisha was also married. She Virginity is a social construct with no concrete biological significance, but there are cultures and individuals who value this concept.

<span class=image caption credit> TLC<span>

“I don’t like that Meisha slept with somebody else before,” Nicola confesses to the camera.

However, he cites that within his Catholic theology, he believes that Meisha’s conversion has “restored” her virgin status.

This is only one small part, he says, of what converting to Catholicism can do for a person as it makes them a “new creature.”

<span class=image caption credit> TLC<span>

Here, the conversation pivots. It It’s unclear whether she is Catholic but less orthodox than he is, or not a Catholic at all.

But Nicola says that his mother expects him to have a virgin wife who is also young and fertile and will give him grandchildren.

(A number of cultures include a profound sense of entitlement among older generations; this is widespread in America, as well)

<span class=image caption credit> TLC<span>

Nicola fully expects that his mother would disapprove when she learns that Meisha was previously married.

There is a divorce stigma in his culture.

So apparently even a divorce that fits within the Catholic Church’s guidelines, which would not be an issue for Nicola, would be too much for his mom.

<span class=image caption credit>httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=A2e8Q OFIyU<span>

Many fans of the franchise are predicting that Nicola and Meisha’s story will be this season’s most bonkers.

They may be in for some stiff competition. Gino and Jasmine are back, after all.

But it will be interesting to “meet” this couple.

<span class=image caption credit><span>

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