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90 Day Fiance Cast Before the 90 Days Cast: Meet all of the new couples!

Fans were captivated by Gino and Jasmine’s dramatic return. We were just as excited. Two pairs were not in the trailer. We now know more. Check out the entire Season 6 cast. Will this young widow be able to find love again or is it too soon? (Photo Credit: TLC)

Louisiana native Amanda is a 31-year-old mother of two. She is a single mother after losing her husband due to cancer. She is flying to meet him. They’ve been talking only for four months. And with the realities of both her job and Christian’s, is either of them prepared for each other? (Photo Credit: TLC)30-year-old Minnesota native Christian has spent years as the “life of the party” but is looking to settle down.He has found love with Cleo. She is British, autistic and transgender.

Christian only dates cis women and is facing pushback from his family. (Yikes!) It doesn’t stop him from trying to find out if Cleo would be the right woman for him. The love story of 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Season 6 is about how hearing people have responded to David’s disability in previous relationships. (Photo Credit: TLC)

42-year-old David is deaf. He has experienced both cheating and the struggle to communicate with those who can hear. That kind of wound doesn’t go away overnight.

The Nebraska native has fallen in love with Sheila, a 31-year-old mom from the Philippines. Sheila isn’t deaf but is hard of hearing. She is also a little bit of an ASL expert. Sheila is worried about David and her son’s connection. Gino Palazzolo is not new to the franchise. His second attempt at the apple may be even more explosive. The two are no strangers to the viewers. (Photo Credit:TLC)

90 Day Fiance Cast Before the 90 Days Cast: Meet all of the new couples!
Gino Palzzolo Jasmine Pineda and their dramatic antics have been on our screens for more than a year They were on our screens for more than a whole year with their dramatic antics Jasmine looks like shes had work done to her face and wants to get work done to her genitals What else is in that trailer Gino asks Jasmine if she is cheating on her Jasmine declares that she is going back to her former boyfriend who knows how to fck her Oh dear

Meisha’s story is enough to make her one 90 Day Fiance Season 6 cast member to be talked about — she converted to Catholicism in midlife, left her TV journalism career, and dated a middle-aged woman. (Photo Credit: TLC)

43-year-old Meisha had a TV journalism career. She quit her job after a spiritual encounter. Oh, and converted to Catholicism.

Over the better part of the last decade, she has forged a deep connection with 46-year-old Nicola, from Israel. She’s going to fly out to meet him. It’s not clear if the relationship will meet her needs, even outside of bed. (Smart money says that their storyline is going to be bonkers)

Riley is from Pennsylvania and when he went to Vietnam for 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Season 6 he brought a lot of trust issues with him Photo Credit TLC

43-year-old veteran Riley loves jazz and is some sort of cigar aficionado. Their surprisingly mature (at least for this show) relationship has lasted for two years. It’s not all roses. He’s already been burned. And his suspicions increase after he arrives.

Statler is looking for unconditional love on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6. It’s possible, however, that she is willing to make a bigger commitment than her British lady lover. She will find out and so too will the viewers! Though she did not appear on the trailer, 33-year old Texas native Statler will be a part of Season 6! Dempsey, her girlfriend, will also be in Season 6. Real talk: Are they using their last names just for the show or are there other reasons? Adoption is the baggage that Statler carries. If things go well, Statler is willing to move permanently to the UK if she meets Dempsey. Dempsey isn’t aware of this yet. If it doesn’t all fall apart. Carmella, 27, is from Barbados and Tyray, 33, from California. He’s finally ready to meet Carmella after four years of talking (mostly on Snapchat). This time it’s Carmella’s family who warn him.

And a friend is going to present evidence that she’s a sexworker. Is his displeasure about being jealous, or is there something bigger at play?


90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

Season 6 premieres on June 4.

It’s great to see that the franchise is making an effort to showcase more LGBTQ+ cast members. Making up for lost time.

But we are a little curious why none of the three women who are part of that community happened to show up on the first trailer


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