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90 Day Fiance the Other Way introduces one of franchise’s most toxic couples ever

We don’t understand why it airs on Monday nights, requiring TLC viewers to devote

4 hours to the franchise within a 26-hour period. Or, why is it airing Monday nights and demanding that TLC viewers dedicate

4-hours towards the franchise in a 26-hour time period?But as viewers got acquainted with Brandan and Mary, these questions were swept away.

This obsessed pair of 23-year olds are more codependent than they think. There is something deeply wrong with their unhinged romance.

Brandan and Mary are both 23. On 90 Day Fiance Season 5.

90 Day Fiance the Other Way introduces one of franchise’s most toxic couples ever
TLC their total obsession with one another changes the course of both of their lives<span class=image caption credit>Brandan comes from Oregon Mary is originally from the Philippines Even though they are both 23 their ages make them suitable to date <span>

Not really the right age for marriage, but even folks who want to set the marriage minimum age to 25 (myself included) would allow for exceptions like terminal illness and international marriage.

Unfortunately, Brandan and Mary’s mutual affection and corresponding ages is where the appropriateness of their romance ends.


<span class=image caption credit>It was editors not Brandan and Mary who decided that the <span>

very first glimpse of the pair would be of Brandon video chatting with her while he’s on the toilet.But it’s the right call. It very succinctly summarizes their gratuitous obsession with one another.

“Clingy” is a relative label. But in this case, it doesn’t go far enough to describe their twisted codependency.


<span class=image caption credit>Brandan has a heartbreaking backstory He had to move in with his father when he was 15 His mother lost custody after failing a drug test His younger siblings were placed in foster care<span>

When Brandan became able to, he left behind his father. It didn’t mean things got easier. When Brandan’s Godmother learned of his situation, she took him in to live with her. He lives in an old, small RV. With this background, it is easy to understand why Brandan is carrying a lot emotional baggage. It may feel good to have a girlfriend that is obsessed with him after all that he’s been through.

But… this does not mean it is healthy. Both of them.

Mary does not want Brandan to spend time with another woman. This goes beyond those toxic

<span class=image caption credit>90 Day<span>

cast members who resent friends and exes.

Whether it’s Brandan’s mother or sister or even a dental hygienist, Mary straight-up


<span class=image caption credit> Marys behavior has left a bad taste in Brandans mouth Mary cried when Brandan said that he had been with another woman before and that Mary was not his first love Its not healthy<span>


So far, it is easy to assume Mary is toxic and controlling. The obsession is not just between Brandan and Mary.Mary was forced to turn down a big opportunity due to Brandan’s insecurities. Mary has abandonment issues as well. Her parents left when Mary and her brother was young. They were raised by their grandparents. She washes her laundry in the river. Mary was not loved as a child. You can see how Brandan’s baggage affects Mary. She has never experienced sex. She has only had video chats in this area with Brandan. Also? If this doesn’t work out, she’ll just become a nun. (TLC)

Mary is not totally open with Brandan about how much time she spends with friends.Putting this delicately, we’re fairly confident that her friends aren’t after her. It doesn’t

<span class=image caption credit>seem <span>

hypocritical to

resent a man spending time with his own sister while you hang out your own guy friend. Both seem to be sweethearts. That doesn’t mean that they’re good for each other.


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