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Alina Kasha Recalls Racism Scandal One Year Later: I’m Glad I Got Fired!

One Year Ago, 90 Day Fiance : Before The 90 Days fired Alina Kazha from Season 5.

. Production even went so far as to edit her storyline from the rest of the season. Not even convicted monster Geoffrey Paschel received that particular treatment.

Many fans had complicated feelings about this. Happy to see accountability for a racism scandal, but with real concerns about the motivations behind the backlash.

Now, on the anniversary of her scandal, Alina is addressing it all. She says she is happy about the events of January 2023.

Alina Kasha Recalls Racism Scandal One Year Later: I’m Glad I Got Fired!
Alina Kazha shared this image in January 2023 We can see social media attacks against her projected onto the wall behind her One of these is ableist slurs Image Credit Instagram

“Exactly 1 year ago I was tried to be canceled,” Alina Kasha began her recent Instagram caption.

“How did I remember this date?” she asked.

“Weeell, it was a birthday of someone that I used to know (lol),” Alina explained, “and we celebrated it together.”

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“At night I opened my phone and saw first messages full of hate without really understanding what’s going on,” Alina recalled.

She noted that “the rest of the story you already know.”

Alina’s history of using the N-word on social media as well as dressing as racist caricatures had come to light. The posts were not recent, but they were alarming.

“But you know, in the end, I’m happy it happened,” Alina surprisingly wrote. “It was a unique experience.”

She then asked her followers: “How many people do you personally know who were tried to be cancelled?”

Alina admitted: “Living thru such experience wasn’t always easy but it became extremely rewarding.”

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“Learning to navigate it only taught me to be fearless,” Alina expressed.

“It also taught me that what is going on online doesn’t really correlate with what’s happening in real life,” she added.

“In the end, I faced it, owned it, learned from it,” Alina listed. She said that she “held my head high.”

She is now waiting in her wheelchair to meet him

She is waiting in her wheelchair to meet him for the first time. Alina said that she doesn’t blame herself for her stupidity or ignorance .

I was able to forgive myself. Alina said that anyone can make mistakes, even me.

She added that this conversation was something that made her “feel special.”

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Alina also mentioned that Dr. Honda helped her see things that were not in my mind.

),” Alina continued.

She wrote that this conversation is something “for

I’m especially grateful.”

Alina added that “He also opened up my eyes on some things that never crossed my mind.”[which]”This experience made the world that I see a bit uglier: I see more issues, unfairness, prejudices,” Alina noted.

“And at times,” she admitted, “it makes me wanna go live in some other world when no one grew up in the systems that we grew up in.” That makes sense.

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“Maybe happiness lies in being oblivious but I’d always choose a red pill,” Alina added. Alina stated that she was referring to

The Matrix

as a reference.Alina added: “But in an extremely enriching and grateful way.” “My response: yes, it mattered.”

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Alina then added: “But in an extremely enriching and grateful way.”

As we noted, there were bad faith elements to the callout of Alina Kasha.

Simply put, some people hated her because she’s a woman (a vocal segment of

90 Day Fiance

fans have a huge misogny problem) and for her disability.And because she, as a disabled woman, “dared” to have sex on screen.It was particularly suspicious that the show did not fire Mike Berk from the same season, even though his bigotry scandal was certainly worse. Mike is a native English speaker and an American, so a cultural misunderstanding seems unlikely.

Even so, all of the bad intentions in the world don’t mean that Alina’s use of racial slurs don’t matter. They do.

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We are glad Alina gained so much from her experience. It’s just too bad that it was too late.

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