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Angela Deem Worries That Usman Will Turn Michael against Her

Even though Angela Deem believes she is the star of 90, Day Fiance10, and Happily Ever After10 it’s an ensemble show.

In reality, Angela was not present for part of the drama during Tell All Part 3. Physically, at least.

Michael, her husband, participated in the special remotely. Nigeria. And so did Usman. They were practically next door as they filmed.

Angela has despised Usman for years. And she lamented that she doesn’t “trust” her husband to spend time around her enemy.

Angela Deem Worries That Usman Will Turn Michael against Her

To put all of this in order, we should note that Angela Deem and Usman “Sojaboy” Umar aren’t always at odds.

During the Tell All, and despite a heated fight that took place before Angela even sat down (she did start it though), Usman showed her some support.

She had expressed her heartbreak over Michael Ilesanmi cheating over Instagram.

Michael did not respond well, trying to reassure Angela that “it’s okay.”

While Angela’s abusive behavior has been a horror to behold, the correct thing to do is to break up — not to cheat. It’s not okay.

Usman agreed. He also added that Michael should simply be saying “sorry,” not trying to minimize what he had done.

Obviously, Angela doesn’t need anyone to speak up on her behalf. If anything, her victims need advocates.

(Yes, we mean literal victims. Viewers have seen her verbally and emotionally abuse Michael for years. We saw her slap him this season. Michael is a victim and he needs help)

Naturally, she did plenty of angry yelling at Michael, not merely at Usman and Yara. But she is not the only cast member.

Kimberly Menzies detailed her breakup from Usman. She took her engagement ring.

Despite the ugly split and the pain that followed, the two remain close friends. Kimberly is open to a friends-with-benefits arrangement, even.

This is important because it is what Kimberly and Usman discussed at length. Usman, of course, was participating remotely.

Towards the end of Part 3 of the Season 7 Tell All special, Shaun Robinson asked Michael if he could still hear them.

The storm where he was had become audible, to the cast and (thanks to a choice by editors) to viewers.

And people noticed that they could also hear the storm from Usman’s screen. Nigeria is not small. They were both caught in the same storm.

Angela immediately raised her suspicions. Confessionals work similarly)

Angela immediately asserted that the two should not “hang out” under any circumstances.

Angela added that she has every right to control her husband in this manner. She told Usman that this is because “I’m f-king him, not you.”

Conflict erupted, with Usman yelling at Angela.

She then took things a step further, insisting that Michael would “whip your ass if he wants to stay married.” Charming.

The Tell All took a break … but the cameras kept rolling. Angela continued to express her anger.

Michael resisted, saying that they were in different buildings. Angela did not stop expressing her anger.

Michael protested that he and Usman were in different buildings.

He explained that he wanted peace between them today.

So, he went over to the area where Usman was filming. That interaction will not be shown until the fourth and final episode of Season 7 Tell All.

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