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Ariela Weinberg debuts bold new look as she eyes new TV gig

Just last month, 90 Day Fiance fans speculated that Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre might be over.

There were hints. It looks like they were right. She and Bini seem to be together.

That doesn’t mean that Ariela isn’t interested in making a change, however.

She just debuted a stunning new look. Ariela Weinberg took to Instagram a few days ago to reveal her new look. (Photo Credit: Instagram)Just a few days ago, Ariela Weinberg took to Instagram to unveil her brand new look.Fans (and detractors alike) first got to know Ari as a very, very pregnant traveler who was returning to Ethiopia to live with the father of her future child.

Ariela Weinberg debuts bold new look as she eyes new TV gig
Now her fresh blonde tints and polished curls are showing that shes feeling more in her element

Very naturally, some fans speculated that Ari’s new look is a prelude to a return to the world of reality television.

We see this all of the time, whether it’s on

90 Day Fiance


Real Housewives: someone appears on reality TV, then undergoes a glow-up after seeing themselves on screen.Maybe Ari was tired of seeing herself on camera with the casual bedhead of a busy mom who’s just done a lot of traveling. Especially if she’s going to appear on a new season with her husband.Well, if we can believe Ariela, that’s not the case.She recently told fans that she’s not planning to continue with reality television. Not on camera herself, anyway.

Instead, she hopes to take on a behind-the-scenes job as a producer in some capacity. After all, she has a lot of experience with how reality TV works.

Ariela Weinberg Gets Wine Thrown in Her Face in 90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek

There are some pretty infamous examples of Ariela abruptly changing her mind on decisions that are, frankly,

much more consequential

than whether or not she appears on reality TV.

(For a number of fans of the show, Ari listing all of the reasons that she didn’t want to take a choice from her infant son but then caving and circumcising him anyway was a turning point in whether or not people liked her)

However, assuming that she does not pull a 180 on this (again, less important) topic, Ari’s not planning a 90 Day Fiance comeback.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre remain one of 90 Day Fiance‘s most memorable couples. Especially among the cast of

90: Day Fiance The Other Way members. They were controversial, divisive and provoked strong reactions among viewers. It’s not the worst we’ve ever seen, but it sure did Ari no favors. The rest came from their own personalities and the natural ups and downs of their relationship.Ari and Bini seem to be fundamentally incompatible people. They have different beliefs, communication styles, boundaries, goals, and values. The only thing they have in common, however, is Avi. And their mess is just his problem for life, we suppose..

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