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Audrey Roloff Fires Back at Pregnancy Speculation: WTH, People?! ?

She also seems to be a bit pompous in her love and relationship discussions. We are very much Team Audrey. Allow us to explain…

Audrey Roloff posted this lovely family photo in honor of Father’s Day 2023.


Earlier this week, simply based on a few social media posts made by the mother of three, speculation started to spread across the Internet that Roloff was pregnant yet again.

This prompted quite the annoyed response by the former Little People, Big World cast member.

Audrey Roloff Fires Back at Pregnancy Speculation: WTH, People?! ?
Really guys <span class=image caption credit>But no Im not <span>


Audrey Roloff shared this photo to celebrate her own birthday in 2023.


This is a very personal issue and shouldn’t be turned into reckless speculation. [pregnant]”But no, I’m not

<span class=image caption credit>Audrey Roloff shared this photo in recognization of her own birthday in 2023<span>


To be clear, Audrey has hinted in the past that she and husband Jeremy are very open to having more kids.

But that doesn’t mean it’s right for total strangers to analyze some random photos on the Internet and then publicize rumors about a woman’s womb.

This is far too personal of an issue to be turned into reckless speculation.

<span class=image caption credit>Roloff accidentally created this stir with her followers when she shared a bikini snapshot in which her stomach was protruding about an inch Yes thats all it took<span>

(Instagram)[son Radley]”Guess I should have chosen this pic/angle instead, but

looked cuter in the other one,” Audrey wrote, sharing a second image in which her belly was flat in order to silence the annoying chatter a few days ago.

Audrey shares Radley — along with daughter Ember, 5, and son Bode, 3 — with Jeremy.

Although Roloff often talks about her family on social media, she explained on Monday that it’s not always easy living in the spotlight.

And we actually get where shes coming from in this instance<span class=image caption credit>Audrey Roloff shows off her bikini body while on vacation in the Cayman Islands<span>


“I feel constantly misunderstood, especially in this space. Audrey wrote: “I’m sure that you have as well.”

“I think it can be tempting to all of us come online and set the record straight… to try and explain and defend our thoughts, opinions and beliefs to anyone who appears to disapprove in any way. It’s a complete waste of time.

“And your time is so much better spent making honey!”

Audrey Roloff posted this lovely family photo in honor of Easter 2023<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

Concluded the ex-reality star:

“There is so much more freedom in letting go of other people’s perceptions and opinions about how you live your life.

“In releasing the temptation to explain or respond to the assumptions, criticisms, judgements, and negativity from people who aren’t really for you.

“Instead, just keep on making your honey.”


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