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Author William Bisbing’s New Audiobook ‘The Day Isn’t Over’ Follows Two Lovers Who, After a Lifetime of Raising Their Own Families, Spend Their Final Years Together

Recent audiobook release 'The Day Isn't Over' from Audiobook Network author William Bisbing is a captivating story of how love evolves and changes throughout one's life. After spending their entire lives raising their respective families, two elderly lovers find each other through the internet and sparks fly, leading to them beginning a second life together in their final years.

HUDSON, Mich. - October 28, 2022 - (

William Bisbing has completed his new audiobook "The Day Isn't Over": a stirring and heartwarming romance that follows two lovers in their twilight years that make a vow of commitment to enjoy the remaining time left on Earth with each other after an entire life's worth of difficulties and challenges.

"This is the story of a man and a woman who have made their respective plans to enter into their golden years after going through all of life's challenges, raising their families, wanting only to enjoy their retirement years with each other; filling those remaining years of their lives with travel, adventure, and grandchildren, along with making memories, only to discover their plans lost upon losing both 'loves of their lives,'" writes Bisbing.

"A surprise event in their lives opens the door to their wildest dreams, thus providing the book's title, 'The Day Isn't Over.' However, finding each other and living happily ever after proves to be harder the second time around and has become more difficult than the first, but they remain steadfast in their love for each other regardless of the newfound obstacles in their way, making the love they had discovered for each other's golden years shine brighter."

Published by Audiobook Network, author William Bisbing's new audiobook is a beautiful narrative that explores the many different forms that love can take in one's life, and how it can be renewed by others during one's golden years despite the unease and initial hesitation of both families. Bisbing takes readers on a powerful, character-driven journey of finding one's happiness no matter what others think that is sure to open one's eyes to the enduring power of love and how it can bend and change yet not break so easily.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "The Day Isn't Over" by William Bisbing through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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Original Source: Author William Bisbing's New Audiobook 'The Day Isn't Over' Follows Two Lovers Who, After a Lifetime of Raising Their Own Families, Spend Their Final Years Together
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Global Growth Comments on Liquidation of Greg Lindberg’s North Carolina Insurers

'We deeply disagree with the NCDOI's decision to liquidate these companies — and we're surprised and disappointed that things got to this point,' said Global Growth CEO Justin Holbrook, 'They didn't have to.'

ORLANDO, Fla. - November 22, 2022 - (

In response to the North Carolina court decision to liquidate Colorado Bankers Life Insurance and Bankers Life Insurance, two Global Growth-affiliated insurance companies, Global Growth CEO Justin Holbrook issued the following statement:

"We deeply disagree with the North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) decision to liquidate these companies — and we're surprised and disappointed that things got to this point. They didn't have to.

"First, we asked the judge for a continuance so that we could engage in discovery to understand the NCDOI's sudden determination that CBL and BLI should be liquidated now. As far as we know, nothing material has changed in terms of the insurance companies' liquidity or ability to meet their current policyholder obligation under the court's prior orders. NCDOI did not approach us before filing their liquidation motion nor explain their reasoning.

"Second, our goal remains helping policyholders get full access to their benefits as quickly as possible. Liquidation simply doesn't do that. Two years or more can pass under liquidation before most policyholders receive their benefits. By contrast, the sale of the NC insurance companies now would help policyholders start receiving their full benefits in a matter of months. The NCDOI has received two signed LOIs to buy our insurance companies, and all they have to do is accept one of them — which would help policyholders now. 

"Third, and most importantly, liquidation should always be a measure of last resort because it impacts state guaranty funds and threatens to leave some policyholders out in the cold. In this situation, liquidation doesn't need to happen at all, since there are other alternatives on the table. By NCDOI's own admission, there is substantial available liquidity in CBL and BLIC, and they are more than able to meet policyholder needs today. In fact, their cash position is so good that NCDOI just filed a request to relax the moratorium standards the court put in place in 2019 so more policyholders could get access to more of their benefits now. We support that decision and would even urge the NCDOI to do more. 

"The bottom line is going through the long process of liquidation makes no sense when the insurance companies can be sold today. Policyholders shouldn't have to wait any longer. Today's decision hurts — not helps — policyholders get full and quick access to their benefits.

"I've spent much of my professional life in public service and learned long ago that working together is always the best way. It saddens me that Commissioner Mike Causey still refuses to do that. In the end, the court's decision today means that policyholders are still the ones paying the price for Mr. Causey's actions."

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Sophie Turrell
[email protected]

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Original Source: Global Growth Comments on Liquidation of Greg Lindberg's North Carolina Insurers
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