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‘Bond: Belonging and the Keys to Inclusion and Connection’ Debuts, Inviting Everyone Back to the Conversation

Greg Morley, Cultural Competency Thought Leader and Advisor, Wants to Cultivate Belonging Worldwide

Globally, one in five employees report experiencing loneliness, according to Gallup’s newly released “State of the Global Workplace: 2024 Report”.

There are keys to inclusion and connection, according to Greg Morley, former global head of diversity, equity and inclusion at Moët Hennessy, a division of LVMH. At LVMH and other multinational leaders like Disney, Hasbro and GE, Morley experienced his life as a diversity and inclusion journey and championed a culture of connection through groundbreaking strategies, programs and through the values of these celebrated organizations. Featuring stories and strategies that span the globe, Bond presents the keys that return us to our birthright of belonging.

“Our bonds are the heartbeat of relationships that are critical to love, productivity, and achievement,” said Morley, who has been featured on Thrive HR Exchange, Ask the Hiring Manager, and Chief Change Officer. “Even as barriers and barricades to connection have been built around us we continue to exercise our instinct to connect.”

The book, which spotlights exclusive insights from culture experts Harland Chun, Lisa Lam, Tracy Spears, and Donna M. Wilson, is available at Amazon and other fine book retailers such as Bookazine, Strand Book Store, Booktopia, Waterstones, Feltrinelli Education, Blackwell's Bookshop, Walmart, and Hudson Booksellers.

For speaking engagements, workshops and one-on-one coaching to develop your bonds, contact Greg: [email protected].

Praise for Bond 
“There isn't a better person to teach us how to foster belonging than Greg Morley."
--Susan MacKenty Brady, CEO, Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership

“When bonds are unshakeable, anything is possible.”
--Todd Weiler, Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Barack Obama

“It takes a village to raise DEI! But Greg is one individual whose mastery of creating and leading the bonds that form the most productive teams can make us all better.”
--Bev Jennings, Founder & CEO, SEE Company, Inc., and Author of See and Believe

“Bond delivers a compelling punch of intrigue that aligns with our inherent understanding. It's a call to rediscover the essence of bonding."
--Brianna Birdwell, Leadership Advocate and Author of Metamorphosis of Misfortune

"Morley delivers an inspiring blueprint for staying connected."
--M. Najeeb Ahmad and Scott R. Willett, Ph.D., Principals, Pennington, and Co-authors of Surge

“Greg’s ability to address a subject that has become a cultural norm with clarity of personal experience is masterful.”
--Elliott Wislar, CEO, Clearbrook, and Author of Voyage to Victory

"In a world of ever more polarizing voices, Greg Morley brings us back to the core promise of diversity, equity and inclusion—and why it matters to the bottom line.”
--Todd Sears, Founder & CEO, Out Leadership

“Morley presents the antidote to the strains of dissonance widely experienced in today’s world of work—human connection.”
--Dr. Kirk Snyder, Professor and Chair of Business Communication, University of Southern California

Contact Information:
Greg Morley
[email protected]

Original Source: 'Bond: Belonging and the Keys to Inclusion and Connection' Debuts, Inviting Everyone Back to the Conversation
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