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Brandi Glanville is accused of two “Lewd” Infractions at Party Gone Wrong, Morocco

A couple of weeks ago, Bravo bigwigs decided to remove Brandi Glanville from Ultimate Girls Trip.

The Housewives “all stars” series was filming a new season in Morocco.

Brandi was allegedly in an inappropriate relationship with Caroline Manzo, but this was without her consent. At the very least, it sounded like Brandi was involved in a sexual assault during an alcohol-fueled party. Some reports suggest that Bravo made this decision out of an abundance caution.

Apparently, two key “lewd” incidents made the higher-ups take action.

Brandi Glanville is accused of two “Lewd” Infractions at Party Gone Wrong, Morocco
Brandi Glanville looks on with disdain in this photo from Ultimate Girls Trip

According to what sources tell Page Six, producers believed that Brandi Glanville was behaving erratically.

Not in a “yay, this makes for great reality TV!” way, either. According to reports, there were concerns for Brandi and her coworkers. Meanwhile, reports say that Caroline Manzo left of her own accord after an incident.

At first, it wasn’t clear what Brandi had or had not allegedly done to Caroline during filming.Then, reports claimed that she had touched her on the breast and somewhere in the genital area.If this happened, it took place in the bathroom (and thus off camera) where two other cast members were present.

Caroline Manzo Spinoff Headed to Bravo

It is worth noting that Brandi herself seemed to cast doubts upon the story.

After news broke about her and Caroline’s alleged departures — separate but not entirely unrelated — from filming, she took to Twitter.

“Check your sources people!” Brandi demanded, followed by one of those nightmarish excrement emojis.


Page Six

now reports that Brandi very loudly spoke to one of the producers in front of an entire room of the cast (and crew) shortly after the alleged incident with Caroline.

According to sources, what Brandi said to the producer was simply: “Do you want to f-k me tonight!”That is not appropriate. We’re sure that she was at a party that involved a lot of drinking, but the producer is there for work


Brandi Glanville looks on with disdain in this photo from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.That said, Brandi and the producer are longtime friends, source report.The producer reportedly took the remark as a joke and did not raise any objections. That part, at least from what we can tell, was fine on its own.

Brandi Glanville at a Table
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills guest star Brandi Glanville is suddenly parched and anxious to speak up

So that second comment, a playful remark between friends, ended up getting more scrutiny.

This was because Bravo’s various minions were reviewing recordings and also interviewing witnesses as part of an investigation into what happened with Caroline.

Basically, if you jokingly steal a phone from a friend but they’re in on the joke, it’s no big deal. It sounds like it was a precaution against “erratic” behavior.

Brandi Glanville Would Like a Glass of Water
Brandi was moved to a hotel It sounds like it was a precaution against erratic behavior

Meanwhile, it was only the next morning when Caroline began to articulate the level of her discomfort over what happened in the bathroom.

Ultimately, they put Brandi on a flight back to the US. Filming on Ultimate Girls Trip had not yet wrapped.

Caroline decided that she wanted to depart and go home. Separately.

Meanwhile, reports allege that Brandi appeared drunk — on alcohol that the production company provided — during the evening in question. One other thing that might be relevant is that Brandi and Caroline were reportedly getting along better earlier in the evening.

Reports claim that Brandi was drunk on alcohol that she received from the production company. Sources claim that Brandi and Caroline got along better earlier in the evening.

That’s when they had at least four tequila shots and started making out. According to some sources, Brandi “suckered her tongue down” Caroline at that point.

According to some sources, Brandi later said that Caroline “stuck her tongue down” Caroline’s throat. If Caroline said it — she reportedly does not remember making such a comment.


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