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Brian Laundrie found with Shady letter From Mom: Burn After Reading

Gabby’s tragic demise did not have to occur. Yes, Brian Laundrie killed her by domestic violence. He was not the only

The Petito family’s lawsuit against Moab Police has already demonstrated how obvious Gabby’s injuries were during her last weeks of life.

And it was not only the police who did not prioritize justice.

According to the Petito family legal team, Brian Laundrie’s mother wrote him a “burn after reading” letter advising him on how to get away with her murder.

Brian Laundrie found with Shady letter From Mom: Burn After Reading

One of the attorneys representing Gabby Petito’s parents has accused Brian Laundrie’s mother of attempting to aid and abet her son after Gabby’s murder.

Specifically, advising him to get a shovel, bury a body, and burn the note itself.

This week, during a court hearing, attorney Patrick Reilly told the court about an alleged letter that investigators recovered from Laundrie’s backpack.

Brian Laundrie on a Beach

Remember, Laundrie took his own life while in hiding. His belongings yielded a number of answers.

The letter, the attorney accused, discussed the idea of Roberta Laundrie eventually “helping him get out of prison” if he ended up behind bars.

Vaguely, he added that the letter alluded to “some other things.”

Gabby Petito Family Brian Laundrie's Parents MUST Help Us Find Him!

That was not all.

Additionally, the attorney told the court that the envelope that contained the letter had a message on it.

“Burn after reading,” the envelope allegedly read. Clearly, Laundrie did not comply with his mother’s alleged wishes.

Brian Laundrie Snapshot
Brian Laundrie has been confirmed dead bringing an end to a saga that started with the disappearance and death of his girlfriend

Since the story of Gabby Petito’s harrowing disappearance first circulated and became a viral, must-watch saga, all eyes were on the Laundries.

Most people very sensibly concluded that the most likely suspect was her boyfriend. They were traveling together and had lived in a van.

And just weeks prior to her murder, a witness had seen Laundrie abuse her.

The victims face was photographed by Gabby Petito weeks before her death This is a common tactic used by many victims of abuse especially if they fear the next one will be worse The letter is true Even the Laundrie familys own attorney confirmed it

Even the Laundrie family’s own attorney confirmed as much.

However, Team Laundrie is trying to argue that the letter is irrelevant — alleging that it “pre-dates Brian and Gabby’s trip.”

P. Matthew Luka elaborated, alleging that despite the phrasing — about burying a body and burning the letter — it’s all just an unfortunate coincidence.

Gabby Petito Case Explained as FBI Raids Home of Brian Laundrie
Authorities searched the Laundrie residence while investigating Gabby Petitos disappearance and murder

“I know that some of the wording that was used in the letter is unfortunate and might suggest that it has some connection, but it doesn’t,” the attorney alleged.

Meanwhile, Team Petito noted that the letter does not have a date.

One has to wonder how many letters Laundrie had with him when he went into hiding. The authorities were on the loose with Brian Laundrie. In connection with the murders of Gabby Petito and Gabby Laundrie, the former YouTuber was on the run.

Brian Laundrie Pic
In August the lawsuit against the Laundries is expected to begin

The Petito Family is not suing Brian for his murder. Rather, they are suing for emotional distress during the investigation.

Simply put, you do not have a legal obligation to tell someone that their daughter is dead in most cases. However, if you make public statements implying that your daughter may still be alive but you know she isn’t, that’s a different matter. A court will determine whether this cruel act is what transpired.


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