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Carole Baskin: Internet baffled by reports that a first husband of a Tiger King was found ALIVE in Costa Rica

Join Us for a Moment as We Transport You Back to March 2020.



was the most watched series on Netflix in the first week of the lockdown.Yes. It was also the time when Covid-19 was still being called “the coronavirus” and Americans believed that a two-week lockdown would suffice to “flatten the curve.”And the fact that it still resonates is an indication of the cultural impact of the true crime doc.

Carole Baskin: Internet baffled by reports that a first husband of a Tiger King was found ALIVE in Costa Rica
10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010The truth about her husband to tigers

10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010. The Tiger King star claims she has proof of her innocence. (Photo via NetflixIn the event that you haven’t seen it, (What else were you doing in those first weeks of the pandemic?) Spending time with family and friends? One of Tiger Kings

‘s most controversial stories involved the claim that Baskin killed her second husband, Don Lewis.

Just for fun, Joe Exotic claimed that Baskin fed Lewis’ body to his tigers.

Joe Exotic Mugshot
Joe Exotic will likely be in prison for the next few decades Hes still trying to create controversy inside

Joe Exotic will likely remain in prison for the next couple of decades.

Carole Baskin could have murdered her husband. These accusations are denied by her, however. (Photo via Netflix)

Here’s the deal:

Carole Baskin on the Show Tiger King

Tiger King

sequel titled — you guessed it — Tiger King 2 debuted in November of 2021, and to say it didn’t make quite as much of a splash as the first one would be putting it very, very mildly.In fact, it seems that folks on Twitter and Reddit are just now

catching wind of a scene involving a Homeland Security document suggesting that Don Lewis might be alive and living in Costa Rica.“I was not aware of it until TK2

aired,” Baskin said when asked about the possibility that her husband is still alive during a recent interview.Baskin long ago remarried, and she’s alleged on several occasions that Lewis was an abusive philanderer.But she’s still happy about the news that he’s not dead, because — well, obviously his continued existence would be pretty iron-clad evidence that she didn’t murder him.

The only problem is, the “evidence” presented by the TK2 filmmakers is almost certainly bogus.

Lewis has been presumed dead since 2002, and his lawyer and relatives say they still firmly believe that he’s dead.

Some of those people also believe Carole murdered him and fed him to her tigers, but that’s a conversation for another time …


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