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Charity Lawson: Have I just made the “worst decision” ever?! ?

It’s not easy being The Bachelorette.

You’re wined and you’re dined by a number of handsome men, all of whom want to get down on one knee and ask you to be their wife.

And then you go to their hometowns and meet their families and it can just be so very confusing when you think about what to do.

This was the situation Charity Lawson found herself in this week.

Charity Lawson: Have I just made the “worst decision” ever?! ?
Charity Lawson isnt sure what to do here during the rose ceremony<span class=image caption credit> ABC<span>

On Monday night, the latest Bachelorette began her evening in Houston… where she hung out with Aaron’s parents, brothers and sister-in-law for a meal that included catfish, gumbo, green beans, frog legs and fried lobster.

After watching his potential spouse win everyone over, Aaron said to Charity:

“I can’t deny how I feel. The leap was taken today, and I really feel like I’m falling in love with you.”

She didn’t reciprocate this feeling, but the two ended their night with a dance to some music by Lauren Alaina.

Aaron made quite the impression on Bachelorette viewers during his run<span class=image caption credit> RICKY MIDDLESWORTHABC<span>

Next, Charity traveled to Collegeville, Pennsylvania to meet Joey and his loved ones.

Most notably, Joey’s uncle made an impression on Lawson, openly wondering whether she was seeing his genuine nephew — or if Joey was putting on some kind of act.

“I came in here obviously wanting everything to go super great, but it didn’t go bad. It went good,” Charity said in an on-camera interview, prior to devolving into tears in the car ride home.

“Could this be the end for us?” Joey asked in his own confessional.

Charity Lawson as The Bachelorette Shes rather intense<span class=image caption credit> ABC<span>

From there, Charity continued making the rounds in Cleveland to meet Xavier’s family, even attending a knitting class with this suitor.

After Charity and Xavier departed his parents’ home, Xavier told her, “I’m falling in love.”

“To hear those words is so like, reassuring for me,” Charity said in an on-camera interview.

She later hugged and kissed Xavier goodbye and told him, “I don’t want today to end.”

Xavier Bonner is one of the contestants on Charity Lawsons season of The Bachelorette<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit ABC<span>

Finally, it was off Fresno, California to see Dotun and his family.

Charity grew emotional telling Dotun’s mom about her connection with Dotun, and she responded by warmly welcoming Charity to the family, even saying she has “adopted [her] already.”

After attending a drive-in, which featured a slideshow of Dotun and Charity growing up, the former said to the cameras:

“I’m ready for this movie to have a happy ending.”

Dotun Olubeko is one of the contestants on Charity Lawsons season of The Bachelorette<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit ABC<span>

At the subsequent rose ceremony, Lawson felt torn because she believed to be in love with ALL FOUR MEN.

“This has been the hardest day of my life because I know that there’s only three roses up here — that means I’m saying goodbye to one of you all. Charity said to the cameras that she was ready for the movie to have a happy ending.

After attending “I’ve been bouncing around all day trying to decide what to do. But it’s important to reach what We’re down to just four! Charity Lawson had a hard time deciding who to send to the bottom this week. She gave roses to Dot I was prepared to go down on one knee. I just don’t know what I did wrong.”

Charity, for her part, expressed some immediate regrets.

Im trying to make sense of what the hell I just did she said in an on camera interview <span class=image caption credit> I love someone and yet I sent him home Its the most absurd thing Ive done <span>

“What if I just made the absolute worst decision?”



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