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Christian might just ghost his transphobic family members after Cleo’s backlash

Christian was on his first flight to London to meet Cleo. But something changed a short time before his departure.

More of Christian’s family learned of his plans. Some asked him intrusive questions. Others reacted with outright, explicit bigotry.Christian told his friends that he’s prepared to cut off transphobic relatives. He also appears to be losing interest in Cleo. ()


During the Season 6, Episode 5, of 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Christian was still at home in Minnesota. He was in Minnesota, but not at his house.

He went to Tom and Janna’s for dinner. Christian and Tom have a long friendship and a lot in common.

Christian might just ghost his transphobic family members after Cleo’s backlash
<span class=image caption credit>Christian was nursing a bit of a hangover at the time Tom and Janna knew about Christians relationship with Cleo but not the full duration of it That sounds promising<span>

Christian told his friends over brunch that he had opened up to a few family members about his plans to meet Cleo. These people told their relatives and everyone now knows. Families, right?


Christian has a brother (with whom he lives) and two sisters. He has older relatives. Cleo is trans. It’s that Cleo’s trans.

<span class=image caption credit>Many who arent marginalized themselves know what it is like to be criticized by their relatives because of whom they date<span>


It is not the same as when a bisexual or gay person dates someone else. That person is, themselves, marginalized.

It’s different when a white person has a Black partner. When a able-bodied partner has a disability. Christian’s family doesn’t seem to be concerned about Cleo having autism. The response ranged from “questioning”, to “explicit transphobia”.

<span class=image caption credit>TLC<span>

There are “a whole spectrum” of responses. Some, Christian admitted, were “antagonistic.”

He didn’t go into a lot of examples. But some of what he heard was so directly transphobic that it doesn’t bear repeating.

And somewhere along the spectrum, there’s been some hand-wringing about how society will treat him as a cis straight man dating a trans woman. Well, how

<span class=image caption credit>bigots within society<span>

will, anyway.


Christian admitted to his friends that he’s not inexorably tied to these people. He can break off his relationship with some relatives.

<span class=image caption credit>Honestly Its a good thing for him Saying this and doing it are two different things<span>


Speaking to the camera, Tom and Janna admitted that they know Christian is pretty close with his family. Saying this and doing it are different things.

(TLC)Speaking to the camera, Tom and Janna admitted that they know that Christian is pretty close with his family.Cutting ties with a bigoted aunt or uncle isn’t always feasible. It’s family, they’re related.

<span class=image caption credit>So even if Christian wants to cut ties it may be more difficult than he thinks Why Because she has a roommate<span>

She and Christian wanted to get to know each other on-on-one.

Cleo did bring some clothes, some other essentials. Oh, and her adorable kitties.


<span class=image caption credit>Even though Christian was not there yet Cleo admitted that she could feel him holding her at arms length<span>

Before, he was talking so much about showering her with affection. It sounds like Christian has a cold heart about PDA. Cleo knew this was the response he had given to his transphobic family members. He was angry with them, but he clearly internalized some of their worries about him facing social consequences for being with her.


Christian was, at least, aware that some of his older relatives’ transphobic “concerns” had influenced him.

<span class=image caption credit>He admitted that he was just overthinking things He was adamant<span>

But, he planned to meet Cleo as if it were the first time they met. So, apparently, he’s not going to kiss her at the airport.


Tom drove Christian to the airport to see him off.

<span class=image caption credit>To the camera he admitted that Christians newfound hesitation will probably hurt Cleos feelings<span>

Yeah. It’s impossible to avoid having bigots as relatives. What about letting them influence your thoughts? That’s a mistake.


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