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Cleo Addresses Her Accent: Yes I’m Italian! Here’s why I don’t sound Italian…

Christian has considered cutting off his transphobic family members on

90 day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Some of his family said some unforgivable things about his romance.Sadly, there has also been transphobia about Cleo on social media.

But some strange questions have been asked that had nothing to do her gender.

She is an Italian model living in London. Cleo is answering all of it. Cleo answers all the questions. She does not have an Italian accent. Cleo said that her accent is not what people are used to when it comes to an Italian accent. Others wondered if it was an affect, or a result of moving a lot between countries.


Cleo Addresses Her Accent: Yes I’m Italian! Here’s why I don’t sound Italian…
I do get why some people may find my accent a little weird or it just doesnt sound like an Italian she began in her July 2 video<span class=image caption credit>Like what youre used to when it comes to an Italian accent Cleo continued<span>

“And,” she added, “what people sound like in the movies.” Actual Italian accents vary regionally.


Cleo noted that people in London have “varying accents” because “there are so many different ethnicities and so many different nationalities people coming from all over.”

<span class=image caption credit>She explained So when you learn English while living in London its not going to be I guess the same as if you were learning English while living in a small American town<span>

Cleo noted: “London is really unique in the fact that there’s people from literally everywhere.”


Italian is Cleo’s first language. She did not receive a traditional English education. She admitted that she did not have a traditional education in English. Or, you could do an evening course, or something.”

<span class=image caption credit>TLC<span>

Cleo didn’t only watch Marvel movies and


marathons. She watched American TV as well as British TV and Australian TV. She promised to address them at a later date. She promised to address them at a later date.

<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

“So when learning English through media, you get a variety of accents,” Cleo reasoned.

She also noted that being autistic means that she speaks with a”very unique tone and manner of speech.”

Cleo noted: “Sometimes we have stilted speech.” For example, she sometimes sounds “rigid” when trying to express herself.

<span class=image caption credit>httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=8U7x 65fF8w<span>

Cleo also explained that many autistic folks have accents and speech patterns “different from other people around us and the people we were raised by.” True!“That is literally a diagnostic criteria for autism,” she added. Cleo clarified that. We continue to root for Cleo and Christian, who so far both seem to be delightful people..

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