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Debbie Johnson and Larissa limea Reunited in Vegas: Coltee Who?

It was not a happy occasion. It was not under happy circumstances.

Though Debbie Johnson is moving to Canada for her happily ever after with Tony Starcevich, Vegas was her home for many years.Is it any wonder that these former in-laws crossed paths? But it wasn’t by accident.They have grown a lot as people since Colt first brought them into conflict.

90 Day: The Single Life star Debbie Johnson shared a photo featuring her man, Tony Starcevich, and her former daughter-in-law, Larissa Lima. The three hung out in Vegas in May 2023.


This week, 90 Day: The Single Life alum Debbie Johnson shared this photo on her Instagram. Debbie Johnson wrote: “What a wonderful day!” She also shared the same photo. “Having dinner with 2 of my favorite people.”

Debbie Johnson and Larissa limea Reunited in Vegas: Coltee Who?
She identified them as Larissa larissalimareal and my love Tony rosetattoo1977<span class=image caption credit>In her Instagram caption Debbie Johnson explained what she was up to in Vegas <span>


“Enjoying the company and a fantastic dinner,” Debbie endorsed. The best Brazilian food is in Vegas. @fogo de Chao.”

She expressed: “Thank you Larissa for dinner and it was so nice catching up.”

In conclusion Debbie gushed We love you girl<span class=image caption credit>Larissa Lima and other 90 Day Fiance legends replied to Larissas former MILs photo and caption signaling their approval <span>


Larissa herself left a string of red heart emojis as a comment under Debbie’s post.

When she shared the photo herself, she also included a caption.

Love always win with Tony and Debbie the self styled Queen wrote<span class=image caption credit>90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima cautioned her erstwhile relative that he should stop his verbal attacks on her<span>


Obviously, this is only the latest installment in Debbie and Larissa’s vastly improved relationship.

Back when Larissa was Colt’s wife, she and Debbie were constantly clashing — while Colt sort of sat back and watched, like a spectator.

Larissa Lima Says Who Is Against the Queen Will DIE!
Of course after fans watched this cycle repeat as Colt dated after things ended with Larissa more or less everyone started to realize that this wasnt really a Larissa thing<span class=image caption credit>On the Tell All stage Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra accused Colts mother of harming their marriage<span>

(Discovery Plus)

For that matter, it wasn’t really a


Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra SEPARATED: Debbie is Killing Our Marriage!
thing It wasnt really<span class=image caption credit>Even though she had clashes with women Colt dated later it was Colt himself who started the fights<span>

What about the fact that it wasn’t a Debbie thing? This question has been asked by fans of

Coltee for years. Tony Starcevich was not shy in showing his love for Debbie. She found Tony Starcevich, a charming Canadian.

When they met in person, sparks were instantly flying. When Debbie followed him back to Canada, he was able to make her feel warm and comfortable despite the cold. All of them have come a very long way in the past few years. (Not Tony; he wasn’t there for the earlier stuff).

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Non-Profit Ministry Hits Major Milestone in Bible Video Game Development

Non-Profit Ministry Hits Major Milestone in Bible Video Game Development
The Anointed

Video Game Image of David in the Shepherd's Field

Alabama-based non-profit video game publisher Intelligent Media & Design (IMD Interactive) recently announced that its free-to-play Bible video game The Anointed: David Saves Keilah (DSK) recently hit a major milestone in development.

The Anointed franchise is now one step closer to beta with it's latest development update on Steam. The update includes basic training and shepherd levels, enhanced combat, stealth, cinematics, tutorials and platforming. 

DSK is a smaller version of The Anointed: Heart of David (HOD), which follows the life of biblical hero David from shepherd to king of Judah. The Anointed: HOD references multiple books in the Bible, primarily beginning in 1 Samuel 16 and ending in 2 Samuel 2. 

IMD also announced that in the last 12 months, with over 2.2 million impressions, DSK has been installed on computers in over 130 countries with a very small marketing budget.

IMD Interactive President Drayton Cosby stated that the latest Steam update is a big leap for IMD and puts The Anointed in position to move away from proof of concept (POC) to the minimum viable product (MVP) stage of its launch phase.

“With this update, we are now ready to test our small group curriculum with churches,” said Cosby. “This is an exciting time for those that have been praying to reach Generation Z and youth leaders searching for innovative methods to bring more students to God’s Word.”

IMD Interactive Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Head of Interactive Carlo Romano stated that IMD works diligently to shift expectations, which have historically been low for Christian media and video games. 

“We have accomplished much with a fraction of the resources that secular and popular games have,” said Romano. “Our hearts drive us, and support is building, as people begin to recognize our games are more than just entertainment.”

IMD Interactive Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Matt Clark said there is no more interactive and engaging way to tell a story than video games, and he thinks that the best stories for every generation are the ones in the Bible. 

“We are striving to bring the ancient world to life for our players in a fun and entertaining way, so players get a feel for what David and his time was really like," said Clark. “We hope this leads players to be curious for what else is in the Bible, especially the stories about the son of David, King Jesus.”

To access the The Anointed: DSK Steam store page, players must be 13 years of age or older. For parents who are considering allowing younger children to play, please visit IMD’s YouTube videos and FAQs for more information. 

You may donate or subscribe to keep up with the latest information from IMD or learn how you can help at

For system requirements and where to download “David Saves Keilah,” visit The Anointed: DSK. 

Contact Information:
Drayton Cosby
[email protected]

Original Source: Non-Profit Ministry Hits Major Milestone in Bible Video Game Development
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