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Fans praise Kylie Jenner for being a “true model” while Kendall is praised

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner is not without her critics. These critics are many and vocal.

But Kylie Jenner also has her supporters. These fans are also large and love to sing Kylie’s praises.

Not everyone in Kylie’s orbit likes them all.

Or praise them, for that matter.An entire nest of Kylie’s social media stans is gassing up her recent Vanity Fair

Fans praise Kylie Jenner for being a “true model” while Kendall is praised
cover while roasting Kendall Jenner

Posing in an unorthodox black velvet look on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia for its March 2023 issue, Kylie Jenner wowed fans with her modeling chops. Photo Credit: Vanity Fair Italy.Kylie Jenniferner’s Vanity Fair Italy

10 cover is truly striking. Even in black and white, she is vibrant and recognizable.

The cover photo also shows her in an understated look.

Kylie is a makeup mogul, known for her at-times extreme contouring. This photo shows Kylie in light makeup, which shows off her natural beauty.

She has been modeling for large, easy paychecks for years because of her influencer status. (And drawn criticism when some of those products are, well, a little dubious)

Khloe models her clothes. Kourtney models. Kim modelled once and broke the internet. And Kendall Jenner, Kylie’s slightly-older sister, is an international supermodel.

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Kendall posed for Miu Miu recently. It was a subdued, heavily understated photoshoot with a clearly minimalist approach.

Over the years, people have accused Kendall of not deserving her supermodel status. Of being hot but not skilled enough to work a camera or a runway at that tier of the industry.

And critics are arguing that Kendall’s latest shoot isn’t just further evidence of that … but that it highlights Kylie as the “true model” among the Kar-Jenner clan.

Critics can be harsh as this pair of tweets about the Jenner sisters makes clear

People have accused Kendall’s pics of being nothing short of “painfully terrible.”

As people examine one sister and then the next, they find Kendall lacking in comparison.

Kylie’s fans have been declaring her to be the more “talented” model of the two.

“Kylie is a talented model I don’t care what anyone says,” one of her stans wrote.

Another declared that Kylie was “eating Kendall up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

And a third praised that “Kylie [is] the model one of the Kardashians fasho.”

header crop Kylie Jenner 7 june 2022

All of this praise of Kylie came at a considerable cost to Kendall. At least, in terms of how these same people talk about her.

They described Kendall’s photoshoot as nothing short of “painful.”

Another almost apologetically opined: “Kendall can’t model I’m sorry..Kylie is better.”

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However, even in this day and age, some of the Jenner Sister Discourse included some actual nuance.

One commenter praised them both, citing Kendall’s looks “for the runway” while praising Kylie’s look “for print.”

There are very different types of modeling, and very different types of photoshoots. Perhaps some critics were mixing apples and oranges.


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