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Gwendlyn Brown reveals that she doesn’t see Robyn’s children.

Now, all eyes are on the Sister Wivesvillain Kody Brown.

Is Kody looking for a sister? Fans might feel more shocked if he doesn’t.

For years, Robyn was the obvious favorite wife. Now, she’s just the only wife.

Robyn wasn’t the only one at arm’s length from many in the family. Her kids don’t really see the others, it seems.

Gwendlyn Brown reveals that she doesn’t see Robyn’s children.
Gwendlyn Brown explains it all on her latest reaction video for Sister Wives You can see the remnants of Valentines Day behind Gwendlyn Brown

Some of whom, well… don’t feel like close family these days.

Gwendlyn Brown is all excited in this scene from Sister Wives Season 17..“But I don’t know if she felt it wouldn’t be a safe space for them,” Gwendlyn shared.

“Or they just decided that they didn’t want to see me.”

Some of whom, well … don’t feel like close family these days.

Robyn Brown is all worked up and emotional in this scene from Sister Wives Season 17.

“I do still live in Flagstaff and I don’t see any of my siblings on Robyn’s side,” Gwendlyn confirmed.

I invited them to my engagement party she shared

“But I don’t know if she felt it wouldn’t be a safe space for them,” Gwendlyn admitted, “or they just decided they didn’t want to go.”

Robyn Brown looks a little irritated in this confessional from Season 17 of the hit show Sister Wives.

Gwendlyn and her fiancee, Beatriz Queiroz, held their engagement party just last month.

With that in mind she told her fans and followers that it seems that theyve decided they dont want to see me

And yes, that stung.

Gwendlyn Brown is engaged! She smiles broadly here alongside fiancee Beatriz Queiroz.

“Which, I mean, hurts my feelings obviously,” Gwendlyn expressed.

Gwendlyn added: “I do miss them completely, so much. We’ll visit.”

Gwendlyn also stated that she misses her older siblings so much.

Well visit also detailed that, when it comes to other siblings, “the rest of us talk completely fine.”She added that they also “visit” each other without these issues.

While many siblings can become estranged — temporarily or for life — after parents split, this is an unusual set of circumstances.

Kody and Robyn Brown don’t look especially thrilled to be sitting and talking to the Sister Wives camera here, do they?

For ages

Sister Wives

fans could transparently tell that Kody favored Robyn over his other wives.

It wasn’t just that he divorced Meri (legally) in order to (legally) marry Robyn and thus adopt her kids. That part was a good thing.

christine is with janelle
Instead the issue was that he neglected his other wives Christine in particular realized that she was the basement wife a trope among polygamist Mormons

What, Christine Brown worry? The Sister Wives star is looking forward to 2023.

In November of 2021, Christine and Kody went public with their separation.

Their marriage had lasted 25 years.

Christine went on to live her best life finding newfound happiness She even grew closer with Janelle than ever before

Janelle Brown and Christine Brown could both light up a room with their smiles. Together, they are positively radiant.

So Janelle ended up following in Christine’s footsteps.

And so did Meri, though in her case, it was Kody who decided that they were no longer married.He seemed to essentially blindside her with the news. Fans saw the writing on the wall a decade ago.Kody Brown looks pretty angry in this scene from a Season 17 Sister Wives episode.

Within a relatively short span of time, Kody lost three of his four wives. He also managed to alienate multiple adult children (particularly Janelle’s) with his behavior.

Perhaps the distance with Robyn’s kids that Gwendlyn described is some sort of isolated incident. Maybe.01001010But it 01001010feels 01001010like fallout from Kody’s choice and Kody’s drama.01001010.01001010

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