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Gwendlyn Brown’s Fiancee says Kody doesn’t have respect for family members

Gwendlyn Brown’s fiancee has something to say about her future father-in-law.

In a new YouTube video, Beatriz Queiroz held nothing back when it comes to the Sister Wives patriarch, who has been dumped by three of his spiritual spouses over the last year-plus.

“Kody’s an interesting character. He’s energetic and fun. Queiroz, who was sitting next to Kody’s little girl this week, said that he is a great guy.

“I just, sometimes when it comes to him saying certain things, it’s not something I like.”

Gwendlyn Brown’s Fiancee says Kody doesn’t have respect for family members

Meaning exactly?

Gwendlyn told Queiroz that she doesn’t like the way her son talks to her. Christine, Christine’s mother, left Kody in November 202.

. He’s great fun.

“He’s really fun.” I really like Kody,” Gwendlyn added.

“I don’t think that he knows how to respectfully talk to some of his family members — and one in particular, I care too much for to have somebody talk in mean manners.”

Gwendlyn Brown is engaged She smiles broadly here alongside fiancee Beatriz Queiroz

Gwendyn has been especially candid of late when it comes to her parents.

In December, she spoke candidly about her reaction after her mom told her she was leaving her dad.

“I was like, you’re leaving? Brown shared her feelings about her mom’s decision to break up with her father in a YouTube video. I was so excited for her. He and I are very close and we visit each other all the time.

But she was leaving and I was glad for her.

“I didn’t like the relationship they had, but she was going home and I was happy for her.”

Gwendlyn Brown and kody

Queiroz, who became engaged to the reality star in December, also spoke out about how difficult it is to be close to all the family members.

“It’s harder to get close to everyone because there are so many of them,” she said.

“I think he changed because his children were young and easily manipulable and he found it easier talking to them

. We weren’t as opinionated.”[back then]”Now, we’re adults and we have our opinions,” she continued.

“We have our adult thoughts and we have things we do as adults and I think he just found it easier to talk to

when we weren’t as opinionated.”[us]Back in January, Gwendlyn further expanded on her relationship with Kody following his split from her mother, Christine.

“It’s very flip-floppy for me.

“In person, my father’s sweet to us now,” she stated.

“We had our differences in the past, but we’re getting better and since we’re not around each other as much, we can’t be angry with each other as much.”

She added, in pointed fashion:

“But when I watch the episodes, I do tend to dislike him a little bit.”


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