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Is Jamal Menzies and Veronica Rodriguez still together after Mystery PDA Pic?

Late last year Jamal Menzies was joined by Veronica Rodriguez at the 90 Single Life Tell all.

Many fans were thrilled to see these two hotties in a seemingly random relationship. Some people had reservations and predicted that their casual romance would not last. Isn’t it the same? )

Now, a new photo has nay-sayers wondering if they’re right.

Are Jamal and Veronica still together?

Is Jamal Menzies and Veronica Rodriguez still together after Mystery PDA Pic?

First, let’s recap, because some people are still (understandably) playing catchup.

And many of us should remember that some fans won’t get to watch 90 Day: The Single Life‘s latest season for some time.

Veronica Rodriguez was part of this season’s cast. Although she dated, the man was a f-kboy. They were done by the Tell All. But Veronica was no longer single.

Ahead of Veronica’s boyfriend reveal, there was some hype — in the promos and on social media.

The clues made it obvious to anyone seeing all of the pieces that her new man could only be one person.

And 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates also confirmed, ahead of the Tell All, that it would be Jamal Menzies.

Jamal walked out onto the stage and shared an embrace with Veronica.

He is the son of Kimberly Menzies, who appeared on both 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Jamal is a fan-favorite. Jamal is a fan-favorite. He is charming, patient, and has a great sense of humor. Jamal resides in New York. Veronica is from Charlotte.

Those are three different major cities on two different coasts. How did they meet?

It turned out that Veronica asked Jamal, a fellow

90 Day Fiance Person, what she should do while she was in San Diego. He invited her to dinner. These two hotties were bound to bang.Veronica shared her idea of an open relationship. That way, they can have fun without missing opportunities.

That said, she admitted that she had not taken advantage of their open relationship yet. Veronica blamed her inability to take advantage of their open relationship on being lazy, which is something many people do.

Some cast members, including Tim Malcolm who has his own problems and other older couples with different ideas about relationships, didn’t like this.

Some viewers had similar views about monogamy and relationships. They suspected that Veronica would catch feelings and end up with a broken heart.

Extremely recently, however, we got an update — and it wasn’t a sighting of Jamal with someone else, either.

Instead, on January 8, Veronica took to her Instagram Story to show off a new man.

She did not identify him or really show enough of him for anyone to recognize. But they sure look, um, friendly.

Does that mean that she and Jamal are over? Jamal is not so sure. Not according to Jamal.

“Veronica is good, we are both in high spirits,” Jamal shared on January 16. Jamal shared the following: “You know, it’s going well. It sounds like Veronica has finally taken advantage the open status in her relationship with Jamal. good for her!


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