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Jinger Duggar explains how to give daughters privacy: They get the choices I never had!

Jinger Duggar was born into a cult. Her parents used fear to control her. And to never make any real choices for herself.

Jinger is leading a very different life, now. Although she’s not part of the mainstream, her children are.

They are also very out of the spotlight. Jinger explains why her children are not in the spotlight.

Jinger Duggar smiles wide in this sweet picture of the former reality TV star.

Jinger Duggar explains how to give daughters privacy: They get the choices I never had!
Photo via Instagram

Ahead of the release of her new book, Jinger Duggar Vuolo spoke to People in an interview that you can watch below.

“One thing we have decided to do is keep our girls out of the public eye,” she confirmed.

Jinger went on to say that if Felicity or Evangeline want to one day capitalize on their potential fame, “that’s their choice.”

Jinger Duggar stares intensely into the camera in this still image from a YouTube video she recorded Photo via Instagram

“I just want to give my kids the best life possible,” Jinger expressed.

“So,” she understated, “that will probably look different from what my upbringing did.”

An upbringing in an abusive, misogynistic cult is not anyone’s “best life.” And neither is growing up on reality TV against your will.

Jinger Duggar snapped this eye popping selfie to flaunt her toned arms and thirst trap followers with her fit build Image Credit Instagram

Jinger grew up in rural Arkansas. Her family subjected her to homeschooling and strictly controlled her limited social circle.

Without access to “worldly” books, music, TV, or film, that meant that Jinger’s only knowledge of the outside world came through a filter.

She did not get to interact with people with different beliefs, backgrounds, and more. She was taught to be afraid of meeting people with different beliefs and backgrounds, which she believed would make her less attractive. It would only help her grow as a person, which is a threat to any cult.

Jinger duggar claims shes doing much better than ever Fans arent buying this Jinger and Jeremy on the other hand are raising their daughters here in California Their kids get to meet different kinds of people rather than hear about them in hushed whispers of warning

“Being in a place where our girls will be able to see so many different backgrounds and perspectives on life,” Jinger noted.

She affirmed that “it’s really sweet to be here in LA.”

Jinger Duggar’s latest photo has her fans talking. And many believe the former reality star is losing weight much too quickly.

Jinger Duggar Is Skinny
Jinger spelled out pretty directly that living in a major city means that shes not sheltering her girls from other perspectives of life

That goes against the beliefs of the toxic cult that defined her childhood. But not, she says, against her faith.

“That’s not what the word of God tells us to do,” Jinger then added.

Jinger Duggar is living the Los Angeles life these days. And many fans are wondering if she’s cut ties with her parents in the wake of her family’s latest scandal.

Jinger Lives In LA
Jinger also acknowledged that her familys rules were cult like

She grew up, by her own admission, feeling “terrified of the outside world.”

Jinger noted: “The teaching I grew up under was harmful, it was damaging, and there are lasting effects. I want to share my story.”

“I personally don’t drink,” Jinger noted, “but I don’t have a problem with other Christians.”

Jinger Duggar header (6 June 2022)

Explaining how her views of evolved, she continued: “it’s their liberty to drink if they so choose.”

Jinger added: “And birth control, that’s something that I always thought was totally wrong and I just no longer see it as that. Yeah, I definitely have changed.”

comes out on January 31.Meanwhile, some critics have argued that Jinger and Jeremy’s beliefs are still a bit more radical than she wants to let on.

In some ways, perhaps. It’s evident that she has a long way to go before she can be free from the toxic cult that shaped and influenced her childhood. That is something.


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