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Josh Seiter Slams Claims That He Orchestrated Death Hoax – It’s a LIE told by Fame-Seekers.

The source was his own social media account. Just hours later, Josh Seiter was alive. He claimed that someone “hacked” into his account. His (alleged?) Josh is now doubling down on his claim that someone has hacked into his account. He also claims that he never dated Monica and they barely knew each other.

An online post said Josh Seiter died in August 2023. But he’s alive!


It all began on Monday, August 28. Josh Seiter was 36 years old.

He still is.

Josh Seiter Slams Claims That He Orchestrated Death Hoax – It’s a LIE told by Fame-Seekers.
The former <span class=image caption credit>The Bachelorette<span>

contestant, who has since courted women from numerous reality TV franchises, is alive. The former Bachelorette

contestant is still alive.The former Bachelorette

contestant is alive<span class=image caption credit>The post on Josh Seiters Instagram appeared Monday August 28 The text stated that he was dead The next day he deleted the post announced that he was alive and claimed that someone had hacked his social media<span>


Josh has made numerous posts about his mental health.

In fact, just days before the false announcement of his death, he had posted about living with depression.

Though Josh is a complex controversial figure for multiple reasons many were saddened by the news of his passing According to him someone hacked his account to announce his death<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

By the following afternoon, Josh took to Instagram to announce that he was “alive and well.” He deleted the post about his death. According to him, someone “hacked” his account to announce his death.


By the following afternoon, Josh took to Instagram to announce that he was “alive and well.” He deleted the post about his death.According to Josh, someone had “hacked” his account “for the last 24 hours.” He accused this person of “playing a cruel joke and mocking” his mental illnesses and his previous suicide attempts.Josh vowed to “try to identify who was behind this.” Many have suggested a specific

I Think You Should Leave<span class=image caption credit> meme in response implying that they believe that Josh is the culprit<span>

Monica Beverly Hillz was a contestant on the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She was also the second contestant on the hit competition series to come out as transgender.


In the aftermath of this cruel hoax, Monica Beverly Hillz alleged that her former romantic partner did this himself.She posted at length to social media about this, calling him out for this bizarre “prank” that was a transparent scam for attention.Monica also offered an interview to

Entertainment Weekly<span class=image caption credit> stating Im baffled Im angry Im happy hes alive Im happy hes here but this is so infuriating to me<span>

In the aftermath of a false report of Josh Seiter’s death, Monica Beverly Hillz expressed her frustration and disgust on Instagram — accusing him of orchestrating it himself.


According to Monica, she and Josh rekindled their relationship earlier in August. They went Instagram official during the middle of the month.

However people warned her to run and explained to her that Josh is a clout chaser They apparently broke up the week before this grim hoax<span class=image caption credit>She also shared that she knows for a fact that Josh has side accounts on social media It is her belief that she watched people react to his death<span>

This was the photo Josh Seiter used as a promotional snapshot during his time on The Bachelorette. (ABC)On Wednesday, August 30, Josh Seiter insisted to

Page Six

that none of Monica’s very believable story is true.

I didnt fake my death and I never would he claimed Josh reiterated his story that he is the victim of a hack<span class=image caption credit>Oh and he called Monicas accusation both offensive and disgusting<span>

Josh Seiter allegedly killed himself in August 2023… only to claim 24 hours later that someone had hacked his account.


Oh, and he says that Monica is “not my ex.”

Me and Monica hung out a grand total of three times over a week and a half he alleged I barely know her<span class=image caption credit>Josh accused her trying to milk her tenuous connection to me for all its worth He added Shes clearly desperate for attention and its laughable<span>

Absolutely not! Josh Seiter and Karine Martins briefly dated, much to the chagrin of people who wanted good things for Karine. (Instagram)Whatever we may think of the alleged “hack” of Josh’s Instagram (certainly, there’s at least one

hack in this story), Josh accusing someone else about being a fame-seeker is hilarious. Josh has a history of snagging his ex-girlfriends, especially those who are more famous than him. He has dated two 90-Day Fiance stars and a star of Love after Lockup. We’re happy that Josh Seiter didn’t commit suicide, even though he’s a terrible person. We hope that he is one day able to address … all of the stuff that’s going on with him..

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