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Kelly Brown Denies Olivia Hopkins’ “Choke Slam” Accusation and Claims It Was Just A Verbal Dispute

According to Molly Hopkins’ daughter, Olivia, and the allegations in a police report on Kelly Brown, he attacked her late last year.

Specifically, he allegedly “choke-slammed” Olivia. Kelly has publicly responded to the story a few weeks after it first broke. He’s been there before. This time, it sounds like he had a little guidance.

He now claims that it was simply a

verbal dispute.Kelly Brown spoke to

Kelly Brown Denies Olivia Hopkins’ “Choke Slam” Accusation and Claims It Was Just A Verbal Dispute

In Touch Weekly to give what sounds like a very formal statement.“What occurred on November 21, 2022, at LiviRae was an unfortunate verbal incident,” he began.

Kelly claimed that it was an incident “that we all as a family expected to remain private.”

Apparently “

we all as a family” does not include Molly’s daughter.“It is disappointing that Olivia chooses to make the incident public three months later,” Kelly shaded.

“Although the timing is interesting,” he accused vaguely, “I wish Molly and her daughters all the best and I’m grateful that I’m moving on with my life.”

Kelly Brown is a former NYPD officer. Viewers first got to know him on

90 Day: The Single Life, when he was dating Molly Hopkins.They dated for two years before their November 2022 split.

Initially, neither of them confirmed the breakup despite some hints that they were over. Most eyes were on Molly’s fallout with Cynthia, which appears to be unrelated.

We previously reported on the police report that detailed 22-year-old Olivia’s assault allegations against Kelly.

“Olivia stated that on 11/21/2022, she was in the store with her mother, Molly Hopkins, and a Kimberly Tanner,” the report reads.

The officer details: “Olivia was working behind the counter when Molly’s boyfriend, Kelly Brown, walked into the store.”

“Kelly was angry with Olivia because of problems with Olivia’s boyfriend,” the report then explains.

“Olivia and Kelly both argued with each other,” the officer narrates. “Kelly said that he would attack her.” Olivia stated that he would come at her.

“Kelly then grabbed Olivia by the neck and slammed it against the wall,” the report states.

10Kelly then threw Olivia down to the ground. The officer explained that Olivia said she couldn’t breathe after Kelly grabbed her neck.

Molly Hopkins and Daughter Olivia
Olivia also stated to Kelly that Kelly was a former NYPD detective that worried her Understandable

Meanwhile, Kelly’s previous public statement claimed: “I never punched her or threatened her with any weapon. I just want to be left alone.

It’s always fascinating to see someone respond to an allegation of robbing banks. They might say “I never set a bank teller on fire” or “I never threatened her with any weapon.”


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babygirl this is not what we are talking about

. If anything, it raises more questions.


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