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Kris Jenner scolds Kourtney for not promoting wedding special: It is YOUR show! !

Many people (and corporations) have worked hard to promote it. Did Kourtney?

Kris Jenner herself pretty openly shaded Kourt for barely lifting a finger to promote her very own wedding special.In this screenshot from the Hulu special, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker discuss their wedding setup in black and white. Image Credit: Hulu.Of the many streaming services available, Hulu is the one with the most annoying startup. Hulu has the right to put whatever they want on the homepage. You can’t miss the wedding special of Kourtney Kourtney Kourtney Kourtney Kourtney Kourtney Kourtney Kourtney KOURTNEY KOURTNEY KOURTNEY KOURTNEY KOURTNEY KOURTNEY KOURTNEYA KOURTNEY KOURTNEY KOURTNEY KOURTNEY KOURTNEY KOURTNEIKARDRIVER TRAVIS Hulu Image Credit

There’s a parody Instagram that pretends to represent North West (9 years old, don’t do it) who felt that Kourtney should have done more to advertise the streaming event. “Hey guys!” Fake North wrote: “Since she won’t do any publicity to promote this, I wanted to remind you that my Aunt Kourt will be airing her first wedding special on Hulu this week.” “Please tune in on April 13th to watch Auntie Kourt finally marry the man of Kris’ dreams: relevant, rich, and famous.”Kourtney Kardashian relaxes in the arms of Travis Barker in this black-and-white still from their The Kardashians special. What does this have to do? Kris Jenner gave it a very public “like.” You were nine. Kris is on a

whole other level


Kris Jenner scolds Kourtney for not promoting wedding special: It is YOUR show! !
Maybe the momager just appreciated that someone was promoting the Hulu premiere Or maybe she like Fake North felt a little frustrated that Kourtney wasnt making a bigger fuss about her own wedding special

Travis Barker cradles Kourtney Kardashian while the two discuss the setup and decor for their (third) wedding ceremony. Just to be clear, Kourtney did not completely ignore the Til Death Do Us part Kourtney & Travis

. She posted a clip on her Instagram Story and promoted some other slides. She projects a much more relaxed image than Kim, for example. Kim is always busy, always taking on more projects. Kourtney gives off the vibe of someone who also wants to


her life

It is also possible that Kourtney felt a little embarrassed (despite likely having veto power over content) by some of the special’s revelations.

For example, remember the Vegas wedding? Kourtney, Travis and their guests were clearly enjoying some tequila. Travis was told by a cackling Kourt that they needed to FaceTime Khloe. “She’s gonna literally die.”

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker shared some steamy kisses while staging a pseudo wedding in Las Vegas

Then, in Italy, Kourt and Travis found out that they couldn’t marry in a church because “an Italian Catholic church is so strict.”

“And,” she explained, “we needed really specific documents or we needed to do a one-year Catholic course.”Thus the outdoor wedding, where they used a helicopter to bring in a piano, and asked a pastor to officiate. Things turned out beautiful … but there were a lot of bumps along the way..

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