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Loren Brovarnik: Post-Baby Body Transformation: Five Months After My C-Section

Loren and Alexei had to spend weeks in the NICU before it was safe for her to leave.But that was months ago.Loren and Alexei were prematurely pregnant with baby Ariel Raya.

After her emergency C-section, she spent weeks in the NICU. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Loren Brovarnik took to Instagram recently to discuss self-love, self-care, and a lifestyle change. She wasn’t just talking about having “three under three”.

” Loren wrote an appreciation post for herself.

Loren Brovarnik: Post-Baby Body Transformation: Five Months After My C-Section
And to any other person out there who is concerned about publicly showing their love Loren advised Photo Credit Instagram

90 Day Fiance fan Loren Brovarnik looked stunning in ripped jeans with a crop top, just 18 days after she had a C-section. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Show yourself some love proudly!” Loren instructed her fans and followers.

“Hard work pays off,” she announced.

And Loren then continued I cant believe this week Im 5 months postpartum

When Loren Brovarnik snapped this mirror selfie, she knew that she was thirst-trapping fans with her postpartum body. She was. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Loren detailed that her jarring weight loss, just five months following an emergency C-section, stem from dietary changes.

It’s not just altering her habits, she explained. Loren said that she has changed “the way” that she “thinks about food.”

She continued And so many of you are so quick to say OMG shes doing this shes doing that

But Loren clearly wants an end to the speculation about her post-baby body transformation strategy.

“That’s how I’ve been losing the weight,” she clarified. Alexei and Loren welcomed baby Ariel in September 2022. Alexei has a lot to say about the body transformations. Among other things, he felt so excited to welcome their first daughter.

“Finding out the gender in the delivery room was even more special than we could have imagined,” he wrote on social media at the time.

Alexei then gushed: “Thank you to my better half @lorenbrovarnik for making me the happiest man alive.”

Loren and Alexei documented Ariel’s birth, just eleven months after they welcomed baby Asher, on

Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days

‘ Birth Special episode.

Unfortunately, Loren had to go an emergency C-section. Ariel was prematurely born and spent nearly a month in the NICU. Finally, Ariel was born prematurely and spent nearly a month in NICU. Shii, already two-and a half, was excited to meet her baby sister. Asher, who was still a baby, wasn’t sure what he should do.

Many medical professionals will tell you that it is dangerous to have multiple pregnancies. Especially when there are already complications.

Loren confessed that she had believed the rumor that one could not conceive while breastfeeding. Sometimes, otherwise smart people believe extremely silly things that a few moments’ logical thought could have dismissed.Regardless, we wish the whole family of five a lot of health and happiness..

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