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Luis Ruelas claims he hired a P.I. To Investigate Housewives. But it’s a LIE

The Season 13 finale of RHONJ was so explosive and bitter that you could almost forget one little detail.

Furious and somehow even redder than usual, Luis Ruelas boasted about having hired a somewhat famous private investigator.

The goal? To dig up dirt on all of Teresa Giudice’s castmates for, what, reality TV leverage?

That private investigator has a very public persona, and he’s slapping down claims that Luis did anything of the sort.

Luis Ruelas claims he hired a P.I. To Investigate Housewives. But it’s a LIE
Looking especially rubeus Luis Ruelas had tense and angry exchanges on the Season 13 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey <span class=image caption credit>Bravo<span>

On May 16, The Real Housewives of New Jersey witnessed a complete meltdown of all the cast members. Teresa and Luis had told Teresa and Joe about the rumor. Because they had told Joe this “news” behind Melissa’sback, in an obvious effort to sabotage their marriage. Melissa Gorga is used to backstabbing by this point. Even her in-law. (Image Credit: Bravo)


When Melissa began to discuss this, all hell broke loose. (Image credit: Bravo)

Bravo<span class=image caption credit>When Melissa started to talk about this the whole world erupted Its not just Danielle Its also on Jennifer Aydin on Margarets ex friend Laura and clearly on Teresa<span>

Melissa had kept quiet about it in the buildup to Teresa’s wedding as a courtesy. Teresa’s minions brought it up and the time for courtesy had clearly passed. Teresa and Melissa have had a nasty feud for years.


Following a confrontation at a party, Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga were still standing strong. (Image Credit: Bravo)(Bravo)

What caught the attention of people when all was said and finished should have Luis eye catching claim Bo Dietl And if this is true it would be a massive and invasive escalation from a messy two faced newcomer to the franchise<span class=image caption credit>While yelling at a party as one does apparently Luis Ruelas looked redder than ever while he boasted about hiring a private investigator to look into the cast of RHONJ Image Credit Bravo<span>


Perhaps the only positive thing that anyone outside of Teresa’s “love bubble” has to say about Luis is that … this is untrue.

Bo Dietl spoke directly to

The US Sun<span class=image caption credit> following Luis announcement saying that its such bulls t<span>

“I’m a professional, I’ve been in business 38 years,” Dietl described. “We have done major investigations for large corporations, and that’s all.” And I have some very good clients.”

Referring to his brother-in-law, Luis Ruelas says that he has remained “calm in the last three months around an animal like that?a (Image Credit: Bravo) (Bravo)“To me, it’s not a positive thing when people throw my name around. Dietl said that he had mentioned, “Bo Dietl is the best private detective in the world.” He then said, “Thank you for the compliment but please don’t mention my name.” He added that, had he taken such a job, he would not be able to mention it — in any context.

Making quite the facial expression, Luis Ruelas accuses that his brother-in-law’s issues and their timing are deliberate. “I know him, and I know Teresa,” Dietl speculated. That’s probably why he uses me to I guess shake people,” Dietl speculated.

He went on I think he was very worked up and he wanted to shut them all down and he wanted them to get scared<span class=image caption credit>Teresa Giudice thanked her chosen family for attending her and Luis Ruelas housewarming love bubble party which felt like a jab Image Credit Bravo<span>


“And who are you bringing out here?” You bring out the bull. “I have stuff on everyone,” Dietl said. He added: “Now, they’re thinking, because they are probably doing something wrong, and they ask, ‘Oh, s-t. What does Bo have on my? ‘”


<span class=image caption credit>And I think thats the fear factor that came out because in reality this ones messing around on that one Image Credit Bravo<span>


Teresa and Luis both later admitted that Dietl never hired them, claiming that he said this because he felt “frustrated.” (Image Credit: Bravo)


Teresa and Luis both later admitted that he never hired Dietl claiming that he said this because he felt frustrated <span class=image caption credit>Okay<span>


Meanwhile, Dietl shared that contracting his services for something that expansive would cost in the “high” six figures.Could Luis afford that? Perhaps. Should he? Obviously not..

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