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Marsha Jacobson’s Memoir Takes Readers on Internal, International Journey of Trauma, Insight, and Triumph

The Wrong Calamity by Marsha Jacobson

Grappling with neglect, eating disorders, domestic violence, single parenthood & trauma, Jacobson takes us into the parts of her life kept secret, until now.

Courageous . . . an affecting, personal exploration of toxic relationships”

— Kirkus Reviews

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 27, 2023 / — With brave honesty, Marsha Jacobson gives voice to the lived experience of grief and the contagiousness of trauma, while sharing her insights on how she became resilient and rediscovered herself. The Wrong Calamity is a compelling and inspiring memoir.

A freshman raised to believe she was a no-account, Marsha fell prey to a controlling man at college. Afraid to say no, she agreed to marry him and move to Japan, where she unexpectedly got a job at Mattel Toys Southeast Asia. As she became successful, her husband became more abusive. Upon their return to America, she and their two toddlers escaped from him in a dramatic police chase. Determined to succeed, she earned a Harvard MBA and built a career, all while raising her girls and fending off her vengeful ex-husband. Later, she had a joyful life in a second marriage—until her husband’s buried past revealed itself and shattered her marriage, career, and many close relationships, requiring her to rediscover herself and regain her footing. With penetrating insight, Marsha deftly answers the question of why many women make and stay in bad marriages. In The Wrong Calamity, she gives voice to the often-misunderstood experience of loss and grief and explores how trauma spreads from generation to generation and person to person but need not last a lifetime.

The story of how Marsha got from where she was to where she is isn’t an easy one, but it is an important one. Formerly a successful business executive, Marsha wrote professionally for many years and now writes fiction and creative nonfiction. Her work has appeared in the New York Times; the Visible Ink anthology; and the flash fiction anthology, For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.

“Just a few months after things fell apart,” says Marsha, “people said I should be ‘over it by now.’ It made me feel isolated and alone. I hope my story helps others who are grieving to realize their feelings are normal.”

“This powerful book is for anyone who has faced adversity in their relationships,” says Gordon McClellan, founder of DartFrog Books. The writing pulls the reader deep into Marsha’s life, struggles, challenges—and ultimately, triumphs.”

Reviews for The Wrong Calamity are overwhelming in their praise.

“Riveting…Jacobson’s debut is an elegant, engaging account of her life as a wife and mother facing a harrowing marriage, then as a single parent and eventual successful business executive.” – Publishers Weekly/BookLife (editor’s pick)

“A courageously written story of a courageously lived life.” – Walter Bode, formerly editor-in-chief of Grove Press and a senior editor at Harcourt.

“Fascinating and compelling reading.” – Joyce Johnson, author of the prizewinning memoir Minor Characters.

“A powerful story of calamity, discovery, and change.” – Midwest Book Reviews

Marsha is available for interviews and the book is available for review.

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