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MetaKing Studios Unveils Epic Live Recording of ‘Battleborn’ Theme Tune for BLOCKLORDS MMO Strategy Game and Releases Game OST

MetaKing Studios, the creative force behind the MMO strategy game BLOCKLORDS, today unveiled a live-recorded version of the game's theme tune, 'Battleborn'. Composed by Nick Bulavin and performed by The European Recording Orchestra, this theme is a key element in the game's medieval atmosphere.

BLOCKLORDS, available for free download on The Epic Games Store, offers a unique gaming experience, blending kingdom building, resource gathering, strategic combat, and trading within a richly crafted medieval economy. It stands out in the gaming market for its engaging gameplay and innovative approach to bringing Strategy Games massively multiplayer. 

The 'Battleborn' theme provides an immersive auditory backdrop for the game, featuring a powerful orchestral score that complements BLOCKLORDS' medieval setting. This theme is expected to resonate with fans of epic, medieval-themed games and music.

In addition, MetaKing Studios has released the full game soundtrack 'Kingdoms Will Rise' on Spotify, along with 'Melodies of BLOCKLORDS Volume I', a collection of original soundtracks from the game, offering fans a deeper dive into its musical world.

David Johansson, CEO of MetaKing Studios, shared, "Nick Bulavin and The European Recording Orchestra have done an amazing job capturing the essence of our game and bringing it to life through their music. We believe that this theme tune will help players immerse themselves in the world of BLOCKLORDS and become a vital part of our franchise's identity."

BLOCKLORDS, currently in Early Access, pioneers a format where players can farm, fight, and ascend to their kingdom's apex in this medieval landscape and is available on the Epic Games Store, inviting players of all backgrounds to explore and shape a dynamic medieval universe.

For further information, please visit BLOCKLORDS or follow us on X or Discord.

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Original Source: MetaKing Studios Unveils Epic Live Recording of 'Battleborn' Theme Tune for BLOCKLORDS MMO Strategy Game and Releases Game OST
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