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The The guy needs some help.

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

We later learned that Nathan’s victim was his own sister, who alleges that the former reality star “nearly killed

” in the attack.

Nathan spent several days in jail following his latest brush with the law, but he’s since been released on bail.

Over the weekend Griffith broke his silence for the first time since his arrest hosting a TikTok Live session in which he conversed with fans for over an hour<span class=image caption credit>Nathan Griffith does many Instagram Live videos talking about politics and heres a screenshot from one of those<span>

(Photo Credit: Instagram)[her]Not surprisingly, Nathan made no direct mention of his arrest.

However, in a rare moment of self-awareness, he did confess to having some major shortcomings.

A viewer who described themself as a “fan” complimented Nathan on his parenting skills, and he responded to the praise by admitting that he’s a “sh-tty dad right now.”

Nathan Griffith Has Something to Say
Nathan Griffith poses for a cute photo with his son Kaiser<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Instagram<span>

The remark comes on the heels of Jenelle Evans’ recent claim that Nathan has not seen his 9-year-old son, Kaiser, since December of last year.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, during Nathan’s chat with fans, he admitted to not seeing his daughter Emery in over a year.

Earlier this week, TMZ obtained the shocking 911 in which Nathan’s sister Heather begged for help as he stalked and threatened her.

Nathan Griffith and Kaiser Smiles
He said that because my husband isnt home that I have a reason to be scared she told the operator adding<span class=image caption credit>Nathan Griffith has fallen on hard times since the years of his MTV stardom <span>

(Photo Credit: MTV)

“Seriously, I need help.”

Heather dialed 911 twice, and in one of the calls, she could be heard pleading with Nathan to stop threatening her.

“Please stop following me around,” she said to her brother.

Id like you to please get away from me Nathan because youve made threats towards me and I dont want you around me after youve harmed other people I Dude needs serious help and to quit driving drunk<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Police Report<span>

“Do you know I’ve had the cops called on me five times?” Griffith menacingly responds.

We’re not sure why he seems so proud of that.

Nathan was outside of his sister’s home when police arrived, and he was taken into custody on the spot.

Nathan Griffith is pictured here on Instagram. It’s a screen capture from a video he recorded.

Nathan Griffith's Mugshot
Photo Credit Instagram<span class=image caption credit>It was later revealed that Griffith was arrested on DUI charges just two weeks prior to the alleged assault on his sister<span>

Nathan is due back in court this week for a hearing on the strangulation charges.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as new information becomes available.


Nathan Griffith Insta Pic
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