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Picture Business Does a Victory Lap and Signs New Sales Deal After Debut Hit

Picture Business International has inked an international sales deal with LGI Media for the first season of its global format, Access All Areas: Erebus Motorsport.

The unscripted Access All Areas format is an unfettered look behind the inner workings of sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, rock bands, tech giants and beyond. Most importantly, it's a look at the real lives of the people who run and work in them on a daily basis and how they balance work, life and the everyday.

Season 1 of the series focused on Australian Motorsport team Erebus Motorsport and their enigmatic and wild billionaire owner, Betty Klimenko and how she led the hardest-working team in racing to a successful season amidst the global pandemic. The show pulled in over 400,000 viewers via its deal with Fox Sports and its OTT platform KAYO in Australia, which puts it next to the Australian iteration of The Bachelor in terms of viewership.

With Season 2 of the series in development now and focusing on an American subject this time, Access All Areas is cementing its place amongst the global formats to watch.

"The show was always designed to be a format," says Picture Businesses Co-CEO Anthony Salamon. "To me it is meant to continue to tell human stories that just happen to be of people you know, love or hate, and maybe we can show you that no matter if it's the team at a tech giant, the circus that is a rock band on tour, or a family story that just so happens to be behind a billion-dollar franchise, that at the end of the day, it really is about people."

Picture Business International is operated from their newly opened Studio+ hybrid production studio in Playa Del Rey, CA. 

Contact Information:
Anthony Salamon
[email protected]

Alan Moore
Agent - UTA

Original Source: Picture Business Does a Victory Lap and Signs New Sales Deal After Debut Hit
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