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Samantha Markle’s Lawsuit Disqualifies Meghan Markle from Coronation

The question of whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will attend King Charles’ coronation has been dominating British tabloid headlines for months now.

So it came as quite a surprise when the world learned that Meghan and Harry haven’t even been invited yet, and Buckingham Palace (reportedly) has yet to decide if an invitation will be extended at some point.

Here, we thought that either the invitation had been sent and the Sussexes were hemming and hawing, or that the royals had made up their minds to snub Harry and Meghan.

The reality of the situation is far less dramatic, but hey — at least we can take solace in the knowledge that even kings struggle with indecisiveness.

Samantha Markle’s Lawsuit Disqualifies Meghan Markle from Coronation
Insiders say Harry and Meghan felt snubbed after seeing King Charles first official photo The couple then released their own portrait Photo via Instagram

Sure, the coronation won’t take place until May, but this isn’t the sort of event where you toss out a hastily thrown-together Facebook invitation a few days before.

So why is Charles dragging his feet on this important family matter?

Well, historically, being overshadowed is not something that kings have had to worry about, but some believe that Charles is concerned his big day might wind up taking a backseat to Meghan’s current legal drama.

Harry and Meghan participate in a memorial service for the Queen Photo via Getty Images

Harry and Meghan participate in a memorial service for the Queen.

As with the rest of her life Sam’s lawsuit will almost certainly be dismissed. In a pre-trial hearing the judge said that it was “ripe to dismissal”.

But she really wants to make Meghan’s life harder and keep her name in the news.

Prince William and Meghan Markle attend the UN Photo via Getty

According to the Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter, the royals are concerned that the Markles’ legal wrangling could cast a pall over the coronation ceremony.

“It’s a bit like walking through a minefield that’s only been half-cleared and we really have to wait and see what the judge is going to sum up on,” he explained to the Daily Mail.

Mail on Sunday editor Charlotte Griffiths also employed a military metaphor in describing this perilous situation.

“They probably do want to end the speculation and it’s annoying for them, because I actually think Meghan and Harry haven’t made up their minds either,” she said

Meghan Markle is at the heart of another bonkers conspiracy theory The Duchess of Cambridge has been accused of secretly filming Queen Elizabeths mourning period Photo by Chris JacksonGetty Images

“They can’t say ‘you’re banned’ because that would make them look terrible,”

Griffiths says that in addition to the Sam situation, there are fears that Meghan and Harry would turn down the invitation, an act that would also steal Charles’ thunder.

“[The palace] just don’t know whether Harry and Meghan will accept,” she explained.

Meghan Harry at the Jubilee
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended the Queens Platinum Jubilee last year The Sussexes were not the only ones in the crowd who were thrilled to see them Photo via Getty

“It would be very embarrassing for them if Harry and Meghan make a show of refusing the invitation,” Griffiths continued.

‘So I think that’s why they’re allowing the speculation to keep going because they’re stuck in this no man’s land.’

So while Samantha might not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of successfully suing her sister, she’s succeeding in complicating the Duchess’ situation with her in-laws.

It’s a reminder that while fairy tale princesses always enjoy happy endings, in the real world, sometimes evil comes out on top.


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