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Scalp Micropigmentation Expert Taylor Perry to Host Live Two-Day Training Academy

The SMP pioneer will be hosting the training session at his private studio in Miami, Florida.

MIAMI - November 8, 2022 - (

Taylor Perry, an industry leader in SMP (scalp micropigmentation), has officially opened registration for his two-day, live SMP course on Nov. 14-15. The course, which is hosted in Perry's private studio in Miami, Florida, is offered in a hybrid capacity, allowing students to experience the class both in person and from the comfort of their own homes. Sponsored by Maite Productions, the training session will feature Perry guiding students through the entire SMP process, complete with hands-on experiences with live models and a workbook for continued education. 

Scalp micropigmentation is the implementation of a cosmetic tattoo on an individual's scalp. The tattoo is often used to mimic the look of a shaved head and create the illusion of a hairline. In many ways, the tattoo serves as a de facto hair transplant, making thin an individual's hair appear fuller or their bald scalp appear as though they have a short, shaven haircut. The procedure is entirely non-surgical and has proven to be an effective hair-loss solution for thousands of men in recent years. It has also been used to can cover scars, burns, and other blemishes on the skin. 

Students who enroll in the November session will have the opportunity to receive a dual SMP certification. Each student will receive access to Perry's comprehensive online course, which features high-quality, pre-recorded educational content that can be kept for future consumption. The course details the SMP process from beginning to end and even includes instruction on topics such as content creation, photography, and video production and editing. Upon completion, students will receive certifications for both the online course and the in-person session.

The November session will be held at a discounted rate. Students can gain access to Perry's engaging training modules for just $2,999 - nearly a 60% discount from the usual price of $5,000. 

Perry, who has had global clients fly from around the world to his studio in Miami for SMP procedures, began his career as a barber, and then later as a tattoo artist. Having over 20 years of experience under his belt as a Master barber, Perry proceeded to combine his passions and open an SMP-focused studio after learning about the craft through one of his barbershop clients who had undergone the procedure.

Over the past four years, Perry has dedicated the majority of his time toward educating the beauty community about SMP and the SMP business model. Through his rapidly growing Instagram page and YouTube channel, Perry has taught hundreds of students how to perform an SMP procedure, as well as how to start an SMP-specialized business. 

"When I launched the SMP Training Academy, I wanted to do more than just teach about SMP as a concept and as a procedure," said Perry. "I also wanted to provide my students with the blueprint to jumpstart their own studios and generate a substantial income through this business model. Many of our students go on to earn anywhere from six figures to one million dollars a year through providing this service." 

To register for the November SMP Training Academy session, please visit

About Taylor Perry Studios

Taylor Perry is an industry leader in SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) and has enhanced his client's confidence for over 20 years as a Master Barber. The passion and commitment he has for his craft joined with an endless pursuit for customer satisfaction has transformed Taylor Perry into one of the more sought-after SMP experts over the past few years.

As the founder of Taylor Perry Studios, Taylor Perry has taken his barber skills and combined them with the skills he's acquired as a tattoo artist for over 4 years in the field of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP), giving those individuals that once couldn't add style to their head an alternative.

Contact Information:
Taylor Perry
[email protected]
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23 Days of Giving With Charitable Events Starting Dec. 1, 2022 Are Announced by P23 Labs, Renowned Molecular Laboratory

P23 Labs, a leading molecular laboratory, is kicking off its 23 Days of Giving series of charitable events running from Dec. 1 to Dec. 23, 2022. Three of these days will be dedicated to gifts to the company's team members and 20 days are for charitable donations to causes from P23 and its partner, Laddia Whittier, who made a generous contribution to make this initiative possible.

SAVANNAH, Ga. - November 23, 2022 - (

P23 Labs believes in giving back. Besides the 23 Days of Giving campaign, the company holds monthly giving events on the 23rd of each month. At least 3% of P23 Labs' profits are given annually to the planet, community, and health equity.

P23 Labs makes a difference in the lives of thousands of Americans who have the goal of keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. In this vision, P23 Labs is a household name and the healthcare laboratory of choice when it comes to taking charge of health. A recently launched P23 Health brand helps to achieve long-lasting well-being results, assuming, that healthcare is self-care. Besides, for underserved communities and those in need, P23 holds its monthly #BeGiving contributions in line with the company mission. It all makes P23 Labs acknowledged not only for its science-backed health and wellness solutions but also for being a mission-driven community player with meaningful values.

"Our 23 Days of Giving is such a special time in our company, full of ways that we give back to our community, and spread holiday cheer. I love the feeling of making a difference in the lives of others, and P23 team embraces it and participates with open hearts and warm smiles. I can't wait to see the good that we accomplish," Dr. Tiffany Montgomery, Founder and CEO of P23 Labs. "We would like to give a special thank you to Laddia Whittier for demonstrating our core value of BE GIVING by sending a donation for our giveback efforts and continuously supporting and valuing P23."

P23 Labs encourages more participants to support the initiative and is open for cooperation with parties with shared values.

Contact Information:
Angie Crouch
Director of Revenue
[email protected]

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Original Source: 23 Days of Giving With Charitable Events Starting Dec. 1, 2022 Are Announced by P23 Labs, Renowned Molecular Laboratory
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