Thursday, September 28, 2023


Tammy Slaton bid her final farewell to Caleb Willingham this past Sunday.

As you very likely know by now, the 1000-Lb Sisters star was faced with true and shocking heartbreak just about a month ago when her husband passed away at the age of 40.

Willingham was a native of Indiana, but Tammy hosted his funeral on July 29 just a few minutes away from her home in Kentucky.

If you head over to The Sun, you can view photos of Tammy sitting alongside her sibling, Amy, at the sad gathering, tissues in hand, tears streaming down her face.

Tammy Slaton cries uncontrollably as she struggles to talk about Caleb Willingham after husbands death<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

As you might expect, and as you can see via the screen capture above, this wasn’t the first time Slaton grew extremely emotional in the wake of Caleb’s death.

Filming herself on TikTok a few weeks ago, Slaton cried and told followers of where things stood between her and her spouse at the time of his passing:

“Yeah, we were having problems, but I loved that man, and I still do,” Tammy said through tears in this footage.

“I miss him like crazy, but I wanted to thank everybody for… I’m sorry. I I appreciate it, I really do.”

This was one of the photos Tammy Slaton uploaded on social media in tribute of her late husband Caleb Willingham<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

Tammy and Caleb got married in November 2022 outside of the Ohio rehab facility in which they had met months earlier.

Sadly, things took a turn for the worse fairly quickly because Slaton left the facility and was very dedicated to losing weight and remaining healthy.

Willingham, however?

“He [had] gained 30 pounds and [hadn’t] been working his program,” an insider told this The Sun in May, adding of how Slaton reacted:

“She would have to take care of him once he’s out of rehab, and that is her taking on the care of a whole other person when she can barely take care of herself, so the relationship [was] pointless.”

Tammy Slaton posted this photo of Caleb Willingham shortly after he passed away RIP<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

Shortly after news of Caleb’s loss went viral, Tammy also said the following to People Magazine:

“I am devastated to share the news of my husband’s passing. ” May he rest in peace.


We continue to send our very best wishes to Tammy Slaton and anyone who knew/loved Caleb Willingham.

May he rest in peace<span class=image caption credit>Elsewhere but relatedly Tammy recently confirmed that new episodes of 1000 Lb Sisters will premiere on December 12<span>


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