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Tammy Slaton Walks Without Assistance While Running Errands

Following her dramatic transformation, Tammy Slaton has flaunted her slimmed down figure for fans and followers.

The changes to her body have not only been superficial, either.

For many years, her size impacted her mobility.

Recently, she walked unassisted while running errands — a major stride towards becoming more mobile and independent.

Tammy Slaton Walks Without Assistance While Running Errands
On TikTok Tammy Slaton shared her shopping experiences after dramatic weight loss As

Page SIX reported, Tammy Slaton’s increased mobility wasn’t just for TikTok fans. Last Thursday, she walked unassisted from the gas station to the Indiana Sam’s Club. We all know that grocery shopping can be a long process. At big stores like these, they can also include grueling lines.Likely, this was why Tammy opted to use one of the store’s mobility scooters during that shopping trip.

She also made use of a rolling walker. It’s a good thing she knew her limits. We’re happy that Tammy balances her increased mobility and safety precautions.

Doing too much, too quickly, can lead to a setback.

She’s new, and she seems to be improved! Tammy Slaton once weighed more than 700 pounds. We can’t imagine the physical and emotional changes she has undergone. But knowing the mechanics of a fairly extreme surgical solution only gives us a small piece of the puzzle.

MARITAL MISS? 1000-Lb. Sisters fans demand answers from Tammy Slaton about her marriage after speculation she split from husband Caleb, Taken without permission.,

Tammy has bared her life, including some of her most painful moments, to countless viewers and fans.

It is nauseating to think of people spotting her on a shopping trip and reporting in on her progress. Yes, even though the progress is encouraging.

(Frankly, we’d like to imagine that she called in the tip herself — which does sometimes happen, of course)

Whoa there, Tammy Slaton! We love the confidence this reality star is showing in this revealing photo.

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