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Tania Maduro Twerking video Thirst traps some 90-Day Fans and enrages others

Last year, 90 Day: The Single Life held a Tell All first — as Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester divorced on camera.

Neither had been in a rush to mess with paperwork. Tania Maduro has since moved on to a new relationship. And she recently shared a twerking video with fans and followers.

But it is not getting quite the reception that she wanted from

90 Day Fiance fans.90 Day FIance alum Tania Maduro was in a goofy, flirty mood on social media. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Tania Maduro Twerking video Thirst traps some 90-Day Fans and enrages others
Even fully covered I know Im a 10 Tania Maduro captioned a short video on Instagram

In the post itself, the gorgeous 90 Day: The Single Life alum is wearing a white robe at home.

After sticking out her tongue, her face fill with flirtatious mischief, she turns around while dancing.

In Tania Maduro’s twerking video, her white robe left little to the imagination. Thanks, ma’am. (Image Credit: Instagram)

And this is where Tanias twerking becomes cant miss content Because its front and center

Judging by the impressions in her carpet, it looks like she did some vacuuming ahead of this video. Not necessarily to prepare for the video itself; vacuuming is a good idea anyway.

Obviously, Tania is a grade-A hottie and always has been. Her twerking moves are amazing. The viewers were respectful. (Image Credit: Discovery Plus)

Obviously, Tania being a total knockout is nothing new. They were very different types of free spirits)

However despite Tanias overall hotness and alluring dance fans gave her a hard time in the comments They were very different types of free spirits

However, despite Tania’s overall hotness and alluring dance, “fans” gave her a hard time in the comments.

90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 will include Tania Maduro, whose ex-husband appeared on Season 2. It’s now her turn to seek happiness after marriage. We don’t normally give advice based on a single Instagram comment, but… therapy. We don’t normally try to give advice to people based upon a single Instagram comment, but … therapy.Another person accused Tania of being “Someone else called the reality star “desperate.”A different commenter suggested that Tania was putting out a “mating call” to attract her ex-husband, Syngin. Maybe not.

Tania and Syngin officially ended their marriage in 2022 while filming Tell All for 90 Day The Single Life. Last year, Tania Colchester and Syngin Maduro divorced. They had both put it off … and not because of romantic second guessing, either.

Neither felt any need to rush and cut ties in formal legal paperwork What was the hurry It was an amicable separation so what was it that was the urgency We dont know much about that so we cannot prove it but it feels likely

90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 star Tania Maduro speaks about what sort of partner she would like after her marriage.

With that in mind, why were people so mean to Tania? Aside from the fact that she’s a woman, and

90 Day Fiance

has an infamous misogyny problem

Tania, in particular, rubbed certain viewers the wrong. Yes, the misogyny. She was also a woman that freely discussed sexuality and showed skin. She clashed with her handsome husband. Truly, a recipe for backlash in this fandom.

Actually … all of that falls under the misogyny umbrella. Becoming part of this cast does not guarantee that viewers will like you.


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