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The American Landmark Hollywood Sign Receives A Signature Collection Created by Vince Spinnato of TurnKey Beauty Inc.

Hollywood Sunrise and Sunset

TurnKey Beauty Vince Spinnato

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Spinnato Collaborates with Internationally Recognized Laurelle London to Develop Two Fragrances

The Hollywood Sign is grand and bold and is seen both by day and by night. The gender-neutral fragrances I am creating reflect both a daywear as well as a nightwear scent”

— Vince Spinnato

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 18, 2024 / — The iconic Hollywood Sign celebrated its 100th anniversary on December 10, 2023. Commemorative activities are planned throughout 2024, including building a new Visitors Center and now the main event- creating a custom fragrance. “It’s an honor for me to create two fragrances for The Hollywood Sign Trust and what this historic monument represents to not only our country but the world,” says ‘Certified Nose’ Vincenzo (Vince) Spinnato President/CEO of TurnKey Beauty. Spinnato is developing the fragrances – one for daywear called ‘Hollywood Sunrise’ and one for nightwear called ‘Hollywood Sunset’ and has teamed up with internationally recognized Laurelle London.

UK-based Laurelle London is no stranger to the beauty industry as it works with the top fragrance houses, retailers, and leading manufacturers worldwide. Perry Reynolds, International Director of Sales & Marketing explains, “Laurelle London is thrilled to be working alongside renowned perfumer Vince Spinnato to create a beautifully curated range of body mists, fragrances, and home fragrance collections to celebrate the centenary of one of the most iconic landmarks in the world”.

TurnKey Beauty’s Chief Commercial Officer, Louise Reid commented, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Laurelle London on the Hollywood Collection. The Hollywood sign is a global monument that is beloved by all ages worldwide, and what better way to capture a piece of its personality than in a fragrance collection”.

Spinnato is passionate about creating personalized fragrances, colognes, and perfumes for Hollywood icons and welcomes the challenge of developing a fragrance for such an internationally recognized inanimate object. “The Hollywood Sign is grand and bold and is seen both by day and by night,” says Spinnato, “the gender-neutral fragrances I am creating reflects both a daywear as well as a nightwear scent.” The Hollywood Sign is located in the hills overlooking Los Angeles and has been an international landmark since it made its debut in 1923. According to the Sign Trust, the Hollywood Sign is one of the first things tourists want to see, and among the most photographed locations in California. The Sign was originally named Hollywoodland and in 1946 was changed to just the word Hollywood.

In developing fragrances, Spinnato considers the various elements important to that brand, whether the brand is a person or, in this case, a historic monument. “For instance, the Hollywood Sign’s daytime fragrance encompasses nectar-sweet tropical fruits washed with creamy coconut and sundrenched florals, while the nighttime fragrance consists of an effervescent-ness of golden mandarin blossom notes which lights up starstruck florals on a bronzed vanilla base,” Spinnato states.

Creative Director & Designer David Shyde says, “What an honor is it to be able to design the bottles, branding and packaging for Hollywood as I did for legends Judy Garland and Ella Fitzgerald.”

Award winning ‘Certified Nose’ Spinnato introduced ‘JUDY-A Garland Fragrance by Vincenzo Spinnato’ in 2022 working closely with the Garland Heirs Trust and the Garland family. Currently, he’s working with The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation and Ms. Fitzgerald’s licensing and brand management agency Evoultion USA to create a perfume that honors The First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald. “I met Spinnato as he is currently developing a perfume for Ella Fitzgerald,” says Travis J. Rutherford, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of Evolution. Evolution also manages the Hollywood Sign for the Sign Trust. Rutherford says that because the Hollywood Sign is also an icon – although a monument, he approached the Hollywood Sign Trust Board about the idea of developing a fragrance in honor of the Sign’s 100th anniversary as part of its historic celebration. “Vince is doing an amazing job creating a perfume for Ella Fitzgerald that I feel he is a perfect fit to develop a fragrance for the Hollywood Sign Trust in honor of the Sign’s 100th Anniversary.”

Jeff Zarrinnam, Chair of the Hollywood Sign Trust, says that the idea of creating two fragrances, one for daywear and one for nightwear, made total sense. Zarrinnam says that visitors and locals see the historic sign both day and night and that for years, people have expressed a desire to learn more about the legendary Sign itself, including its cultural and historical importance. “The Sign represents the epic hopes and dreams associated with Hollywood,” says Zarrinnam. He adds that the Hollywood Sign has appeared in hundreds of movies, shows and other media over the years and recently even went through a facelift with a fresh new coat of paint in honor of its anniversary. “The Sign is a beacon that draws visitors from all over the world and is more than just nine letters sitting on the hills overlooking the City of L.A.,” says Zarrinnam. “There is also an emotional response to it. The Sign represents everything that has gone on in Hollywood from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ to all the movies that came after that,” he adds.

‘Hollywood Sunrise’ and ‘Hollywood Sunset’ are scheduled to debut on Academy Award weekend March 8, 2024. The entire Hollywood collection which will consist of body mists, lotions, candles and more will be released in spring 2024.

Zarrinnam says that the Sign represents a place where magic is possible and dreams can come true, and at the end of this year, visitors will be able to take home a bit of the nostalgia associated with the Sign in the form of two new fragrances.

The Sign Trust is a 501© nonprofit organization. Proceeds from the fragrance will go towards the monument’s upkeep, including maintenance and repairs, among other things. For further information about The Hollywood Sign, visit

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