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The MJS Groupe Reinvigorates Luxury Car-Buying with Design of Porsche Studio

The MJS Groupe Reinvigorates Luxury Car-Buying with Design of Porsche Studio

The Porsche Studio Experience by The MJS Groupe

The Porsche Studio Retail by The MJS Groupe

The Porsche Studio

The journey from start to finish is truly a science, making each facet of a project more impactful than the last, all while speaking directly to a consumer’s wants and needs.”

— Michael Snell, PhD – MJS Groupe Founder

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 29, 2023 / — The world of luxury car buying has experienced a seismic shift in recent years, evolving beyond the traditional showroom experience to incorporate immersive lifestyle elements within unique retail boutique locations. This transformation stems from the desire to create an unparalleled purchasing journey, blending opulence with innovation, and catering to the evolving tastes and expectations of affluent consumers. The MJS Groupe, based out of New York is the firm behind many of the latest platforms you see.

Within the firm’s recent most recent launch of The Porsche Studio, it showcases a blended approach used in partnership with the esteemed automotive Porsche. Renowned for their innovation and commitment to luxury, the latest Porsche Studio opening took place at the King of Prussia Mall, further incorporating a digital and tactile ecosystem which has become the pivotal experiential moment in the realm of luxury car buying.

Harnessing the power of personalized immersion, this revolutionary platform offers a unique level of brand inclusion, giving those who visit the ability to view and interact with display vehicles, shop unique Porsche Design merchandise, enjoy freshly brewed cappuccinos and snacks from an incorporated coffee bar, and even get behind the wheel of select models onsite for a test drive. The interactive journey through the brand’s heritage provides customers the ability to explore the exquisite design details, features, and performance capabilities that distinguish Porsche as an automotive trailblazer.

The MJS Groupe, which has worked with luxury-goods brands like Loro Piana, Louis XIII, Dolce & Gabbana, Neiman Marcus, and Brunello Cuccinelli, has an equally long history of success within the Automotive segment. The firm’s founder Michael Snell has been part of these consumer spaces for the past two decades, and professionally holding a PhD from Yale School of Management in Consumer Behaviorism. He founded the firm with the intent of decoding then further streamlining the connective ties that form between consumer, product, and brands. Snell, who was originally tasked with selecting and further designing both the locations and customer experience of 300+ Tesla Motors retail footprints globally, is also responsible for rebranded experiences for Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, and Polestar. The uniquely assembled firm employs several full-time individuals that oversee a network of 50+ contracted industry professionals who are retained, and then placed on select projects that fit within their skillsets. Among the talent pool, a very unique offering of marketing professionals are available; including an Acoustician, Optical Light Physicist, Color Specialist, Typographers, Aromacologists, and a Textile Scientist. These talents also pay well with the more standard Data Engineers, CAD Specialists, Digital Advertising Designers, and Event Directors known to be of typical resource.

“We [as a firm] are excited to launch yet another exciting project that further encompass so many of the lesser-known professional specialties used to shape a brand’s image,” said Snell.

The Porsche Studio experience is a mix of virtually tailoring an individual’s vehicle preferences while also allowing an experience it in real-time. Translated through the intimate and personal setting, it provides customers a look into the enjoyment levels that come with Porsche ownership and lifestyle, further redefining the customer experience during the buying cycle.

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