Tuesday, July 23, 2024

VerseOne Distribution Launches White Label Music Distribution Service

VerseOne Distribution has launched a white label music distribution platform designed to cater for large record labels, distributors and aggregators. The white label music distribution platform allows users to take advantage of VerseOne’s proprietary technology and powerful tools such as audio and music video distribution, social media engagement tracking, user ID verification, AI assisted text to image cover-art generation and image up-scaling, detailed analytics, royalty reporting, marketing and promotional tools including billboard advertising. 

The white label solution allows users to customize their platform by uploading logos, swapping the URL to a domain name of their choice, customization of the email address, and colors for a matching look, feel and experience of the users’ brand.

Flexible options include expandable number or tracks, variable number or users which can be labels or artists, or other various custom features, most of which users can upgrade without a significantly increased financial burden. 

The pricing for the White Label solution is flexible and is divided into four tiers; basic, standard, premium and enterprise. The service starts at $199 per month and yearly plans come with a one-month discount. 

For more information, visit https://verseone.net/white-label-music-distribution to learn more. 

Contact Information:
Joanna Ma
Business Development & PR
[email protected]

Original Source: VerseOne Distribution Launches White Label Music Distribution Service
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