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Zach Roloff’s business dissolves; what does this mean for his future on Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World are fresh off concern for Zach Roloff’s personal life.

As you may have heard about by now, the long-time reality star was hospitalized earlier this month for brain surgery.

Thankfully, by all accounts, he’s back at home these days and very much on the mend.

Therefore, fans can now focus a bit more on the professional future of Zach and his family, as many questions have been raised of late concerning whether they’ll be back on the small screen.

Zach Roloff’s business dissolves; what does this mean for his future on Little People, Big World
Welp this is adorable Zach Roloff is resting comfortable at home with his three kids

Let’s start with the following piece of information:

Back in October 2019, Zach filed a business license for the United States Dwarf Futbol Association in Oregon.

He listed himself as the registered agent and president of the company and often shared photos and updates about the business on social media.

“These tournaments are not just fun but also help elevate the dwarf community’s voice in these countries where disability groups aren’t as recognized still as in, say, the United States,” he wrote in November 2022, for example, about the leage.

“We still have a ways to go in some areas but you realize how far we are ahead once you go to one of these countries.”

Tori Zach and their kids look beyond adorable in this family portrait dont they

According to The Sun, however, Zach failed to file an annual report in 2022, meaning the business has now been dissolved.

What does this mean for the Roloffs?

Possibly nothing.

We have no idea if Zach was even making any real money from the aforementioned association.

What we do know is that TLC has not yet picked up Little People, Big World for a new season.

Moreover, Tori Roloff has been open of late about her time on the show likely coming to a close in the near future, telling followers a few weeks ago that she’s a little irritated by all the “misconceptions people have of us and our family because they only get to see what TLC shows them.”

It’s also clear Tori has been frustrated by all the drama and tension that arose after Matt Roloff refused to sell his son his farm… and Zach responded in shocking fashion.

Zach and Tori then relocated to Washington.

Zach and Tori Roloff are all smiles in this promotional photo for new episodes of Little People Big World

As cited above, of course, there’s no guarantee executives even want more episodes of Little People, Big World.

“Nobody has made a solid decision on the show yet, and nobody has been offered a contract,” a Sun source claimed a short while back.

“But the majority of the cast are over it now.

“But most of the cast is over it now. Matt would convince them to give it another season for the money.

“It’s still a good paycheck.




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