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Zach Shallcross dumped Greer Bulitzer while she was recovering from Covid: Fair?

When Zach Shallcross was selected as the successor to Clayton Echard, fans promptly branded him with an unflattering nickname.

To his credit, however, “the Boring Bachelor” has thus far defied expectations.

Unfortunately, he did so by being more brutally heartless than any Bachelor in recent memory.

Probably not the change in reputation that Zach was looking to pull off!

Zach Shallcross dumped Greer Bulitzer while she was recovering from Covid: Fair?
It looks like Zach Shallcross found love on his season of The Bachelor Photo via ABC

But frankly, Shallcross has no one to blame but himself.

Take his recent interactions with Greer Blitzer, for example.

In one conversation, Zach was so rude to Greer that former Bachelor Nick Viall labeled Shallcross a “d-ck.”

After that convo, Greer contracted Covid and had to miss several days of filming.

Greer hit it off with Zach early on Photo via ABC

When she recovered, producers shipped her all the way to Budapest, just so Zach could dump her in person.

“I’m really exited to see her again, but when there is time that is continued to be taken away, it is jeopardizing what Greer and I have,” Zach said in a confessional.

An excited Greer told Zach she felt “really, really good” — but that feeling didn’t last long.

Zach Shallcross dumped Greer Blitzer on The Bachelor this week Many fans were not happy about the ending of the relationship Photo via ABC

“Obviously, like, when I found that I tested positive, like, feeling like my story with you was going to end really sucked,” she explained.

“So, I do see something between us and I guess, like, I was just wondering where you’re at.”

Zach countered that the relationship started “so fast and hot” that he found himself “still trying to piece all this together.”

Zach Shallcross WILL get engaged on this season of The Bachelor

“I would never want to string you along.”

“I wouldn’t want to drag you along.”

Zach Shallcross is ready for love! (Photo via ABC)

He kicked Brooklyn to the curb just a few hours later. (Photo via ABC.

The Greer dismissal seemed to anger the most fans partly because he made Brooklyn swim into a bacterial pool that was a large public bathhouse


But the Greer dismissal seemed to anger fans the most, largely due to the feeling that she was unnecessarily put through the emotional wringer.

Dumping eager suitors is part of the Bachelor’s job, of course, but there’s a feeling among fans that Zach is not handling that responsibility well.

If you’ve been reading our

Bachelor spoilers this season, then you know that Shallcross does find love in his upcoming season finale.But at this point, how many viewers are still rooting for him?


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