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ELYSIAN’s ‘CatWalk FurBaby’ Documentary Selected as Finalist at New York City International Fashion Film Festival

Festival Will Announce Winners at Gala on Sept. 7, 2023

'CatWalk FurBaby' Movie Poster

'CatWalk FurBaby' Movie Poster

CatWalk FurBaby, a 38-minute documentary on the eponymous event that kicked off New York Fashion Week this past February, has been selected as a finalist in this year's New York City International Fashion Film Festival. 

ELYSIAN, an international luxury lifestyle brand created to inspire and reflect the interests of women over 40, held the inaugural CatWalk FurBaby earlier this year with an all-star team of 10 fashion designers, 10 models and 10 animal rescues, all in one spectacular show. 

"There is a beautiful irony in an 'underdog', headquartered in a small town in South Carolina, galvanizing trailblazing women from around the world, in fashion, philanthropy, business, and the environment, to kick off New York Fashion Week in an unforgettable show benefiting animal welfare," said ELYSIAN Publisher Karen Floyd, who served as the film's executive producer.

"In a city used to heavy hitters like Vogue and MTV, it is an incredible privilege to be considered for such an amazing award. I'm so proud of our team, who spent countless hours of hard work putting the event and production of the documentary into the limelight. For me personally, it validates ELYSIAN's ethos in connecting with more and more women across the globe. Women inspiring women."

The New York City International Fashion Film Festival will be held Sept. 6 and 7; winners will be announced at a gala on Sept. 7.

CatWalk FurBaby partnered with the BISSELL Pet Foundation to distribute grant money to the participating rescues. With nearly 6,000 shelter and rescue partners, this national foundation is committed to ending pet homelessness and finding a loving home for every pet, impacting 665,000 pets since its inception in 2011.

"With so many pets at risk in shelters across the country, BISSELL Pet Foundation was honored to partner with ELYSIAN on the inaugural CatWalk FurBaby event to bring awareness to our lifesaving work, as well as the incredible work of 10 deserving shelters," said Cathy Bissell, founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation. "We are thrilled the documentary was selected as a finalist in this year's New York City International Fashion Film Festival and hope it will do even more to spread the message that the best place to find your next pet is at your local animal shelter."

DRC Ventures, headed by the multifaceted powerhouse Dr. Christina Rahm, was the event's title sponsor. Rahm and her husband Clayton Thomas served as co-producers of the film.

Rahm, the visionary founder of DRC Ventures — a company whose mission is to create sustainable solutions that challenge the status quo creatively, scientifically, and artistically — walked the runway alongside her models during CatWalk FurBaby's second half, unveiling the Enviremware line from Merci Dupre Clothiers. The ultimate in luxury eco-fashion and protection, this innovative nano-biotech skin-coating technology offers a barrier against hazardous toxins that could threaten your health without sacrificing style.

"For DRC Ventures and me personally, the mission is to lead the world to better solutions," Rahm said. "Everyone's talking about sustainability. That's fine, but that's not enough. Our higher potential is to help our species and the world evolve into greatness, letting go of fear, and instead leaving a meaningful legacy for future generations."

CatWalk FurBaby will return to New York Fashion Week in fall 2024.

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Original Source: ELYSIAN's 'CatWalk FurBaby' Documentary Selected as Finalist at New York City International Fashion Film Festival
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Hemp Living Wholesale Partners With Freeze Dried Sweets LLC for Exclusive Freeze Dried Candy Distribution

Freeze dried candy is quickly becoming the nation's favorite new snack.

Hemp Living Wholesale, a leading Wisconsin-based manufacturer and distributor of legal hemp products since 2018, announces its exclusive partnership with industry-leading Wisconsin candy manufacturer, Freeze Dried Sweets LLC.

"We're beyond excited about this new partnership with Freeze Dried Sweets and appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers with another series of innovative products," said Brian Willke, Logistics Manager at Hemp Living Wholesale. "We discovered these popular products taking off in local shops around Milwaukee, and I think our client base is going to be amazed at how fast these items will move in their smoke shops, convenience stores, and other retail locations. The demand is already insane, as people are still learning about freeze-dried candy, and we're thrilled to be able to offer these trending treats!"

Freeze Dried Sweets Products

Freeze Dried Sweets is out of the gate with 5 tasty treats for all to try.

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What is Freeze Dried Candy?

Freeze drying is a process where food is cooled to low temperatures so the moisture is removed, resulting in a crunchy, mouth-watering bite. Does candy stick to your teeth and drive you crazy? Try this crunchy alternative! People love how the candy crackles before dissolving into sweet flavory goodness.

Where to Find Freeze Dried Sweets?

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Original Source: Hemp Living Wholesale Partners With Freeze Dried Sweets LLC for Exclusive Freeze Dried Candy Distribution
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