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Gender-Free Kids Clothing Brand StereoType Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary

Opens Doors to Its Downtown San Francisco Office, Names Twins Who Inspired The Brand as Co-Founders

SAN FRANCISCO - November 11, 2022 - (

StereoType, a gender-free kids clothing company that celebrates individuality and freedom of expression, today marks its second anniversary. Timed with this milestone, StereoType has opened its first office space in downtown San Francisco which will serve as the brand's official headquarters and the homebase for the development of StereoType's future capsule collections and other important projects for the brand. The new StereoType office will be located at 222 Columbus Street.

"We're really excited to settle into our new office space in the heart of San Francisco. With the city being the birthplace of the brand and its culture being ingrained in its DNA, this space is the perfect new home for StereoType and a place where we will bring to life the next phase of our collection," said founder and CEO, Elizabeth Brunner. "The first two years of StereoType have been incredibly challenging but equally as rewarding. Today, StereoType's  mission is stronger than ever and I am looking forward to incorporating many other elements that will further amplify our vision of empowering and celebrating kids in authentically expressing themselves," added Brunner. 

Notably, in recent months, StereoType has also named the twins who inspired the brand as its co-founders, along with their mom. The DNA of the brand, Chloe and Jacob Brunner are an integral part of the company's brand ethos and mission. The twins have been the leading brand ambassadors since the beginning, participating in brand photoshoots, social media content creation, and in the behind-the-scenes operations of the business offering their creative input on the designs of the clothing as well as testing out the products to make sure they are play-worthy.

"StereoType was born because of my boy-girl twins and them mixing together clothes from each others' closets to create their own blended fashion style that authentically represents who they are and how they want to dress. Making them the official brand co-founders made perfect sense and I am excited to have them alongside for this adventure," said Brunner.

Launched in 2020 by San Francisco-based designer Elizabeth Brunner, StereoType was one of the first kids clothing brands to bring a collection of gender-free and style-forward basics that blended traditional ideas of boys' and girls' wear to market. StereoType combines elements of style, design and comfort to promote creativity, individuality and freedom of expression for kids. Inspired by Elizabeth's boy-girl twins, who have been blending their wardrobes since a young age, StereoType's blended fashion collection was created to break the rules of gendered clothing and inspire authenticity and freedom of self-expression. StereoType's mission is to celebrate children's fashion and to advocate for individuality of all humans, especially the small ones.

For more information about StereoType, please visit and follow the brand on social media including InstagramFacebookTikTok and Pinterest.

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Original Source: Gender-Free Kids Clothing Brand StereoType Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary
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Original Source: Author Joshua Stevens's New Book 'Dark Legends: Rise of Darkness' Explores a Vast Republic Far From Earth That Sits on the Cusp of a Brewing War Between 2 Factions
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