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SimplyRFiD Brings RAIN RFID ROI to the NRF Big Show

SimplyRFiD spent a year gathering data on the ROI for RFID in retail and has the numbers and process improvements that show retailers implementing Wave RFID gain a minimum of 9.7% revenue improvement. SimplyRFID will be in booth #4246 at the NRF Big Show to discuss how Wave RFID can improve retailers' top and bottom line.

SimplyRFiD Brings RAIN RFID ROI to the NRF Big Show
Wave RFID for inventory in retail

Wave RFID produces ROI in retail stores

DALLAS - January 5, 2023 - (

Before RFID, the only choice was manual barcode counts that took hours or days and were only 75-85% accurate. Still, when RFID became viable around 2008, the value of RFID wasn't there because the concept of a global accurate, available inventory didn't exist. As omnichannel and e-commerce became a driving requirement for retailers, connecting inventory at the store to the web changed the value proposition for RFID.

Quarterly inventories are now obsolete. Today's inventories are weekly - even daily - and take minutes with SimplyRFiD's Wave RAIN RFID system.

After a year of study at retailers, SimplyRFiD found several areas that make the value proposition even more compelling. SimplyRFiD developed the business processes and workflows to help retailers get up and running with minimal effort and with high confidence of a successful, fast rollout.

Key ROI findings when implementing the SimplyRFiD Wave RFID System for inventory:

  • Increased Sales: 4% increase in sales due to product availability or replacement from nearby locations.
  • Labor Reduction: 95% less labor required for RFID inventory over manual.
  • Loss Reduction: Switching to fast, accurate weekly inventories reduced loss by 90% due to immediate identification and correction of diversion / leakage / misshipments.

SimplyRFiD will be at the NRF Big Show in booth #4246 from Jan. 15-17, 2023. On hand to discuss how SimplyRFiD can help retailers improve their business with RFID will be Carl Brown, President, Eric Richmond, Vice President of Delivery; and Will Montalbo, Vice President of Marketing.

Not sure if you need RFID for your inventory?

Wave RFID works for retailers from one store to 1,000. Even without omnichannel selling, the ability to locate items with RFID and get control of store inventory is a boon for small retailers and has the majority of the value. Complete single-store Wave RFID inventory systems well-equipped are less than $3,000 with hardware, software and support. Per tag RFID costs run $0.10-0.15 in small volumes and less than $0.04 in mid-volume.

Please contact SimplyRFID at [email protected] to reserve a time slot for a demo and analysis.

Contact Information:
William Montalbo
Vice President, Marketing
[email protected]
+1 703.343.1689

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Original Source: SimplyRFiD Brings RAIN RFID ROI to the NRF Big Show
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Black-Owned Luxury Brand Magi Madeline Launches Garment Hanger Line

The company's first product is an innovative and fashionable take on the classic wardrobe staple

Black-Owned Luxury Brand Magi Madeline Launches Garment Hanger Line
Magi Madeline Luxury Lucite Hangers

Magi Madeline Luxury Lucite Hangers in colors Carrie Pink, Jaded and Bluff Blue

Woman-owned luxury brand Magi Madeline is excited to announce the launch of its luxury lucite garment hanger, designed to help keep any wardrobe space looking neat, organized, and above all, more modern and luxurious. Designed with the fashion-focused woman in mind, the hangers come in a variety of colors and styles, complete with an optional personalization service to add a customer's initials to each hanger.

"I believe your hangers should be as luxurious and functional as the garments you've invested in," said Magi Madeline Founder and wardrobe stylist Aishah Abdul. "The current luxury hanger industry falls flat when it comes to options, so I decided to create my own."

After working with several clients to audit and organize their wardrobes, Abdul saw the need for more luxurious, colorful hanger options to help showcase clothing in a more elegant and stylish way. She launched Magi Madeline, naming the company after her grandmothers, to fill that gap and help even the most discerning customers spruce up their closets.

However, these hangers are as much about function as they are about high fashion. Sturdier and more durable than many of the most popular hangers currently on the market, they are designed to keep clothes in place and keep their shape. Your wardrobe is an investment, why not protect it and make it look good?

Magi Madeline also offers color customization and personalization services. This service allows customers to choose custom colors not offered to the general public and gold stamped initials on each hanger, adding to the customer's own individual style.

Aishah Abdul is available for remote or in-person interviews to talk more about her exciting product launch, Magi Madeline, entrepreneurship, home décor and high-fashion trends. She can also offer tips for keeping an organized and functional wardrobe. 

Black-Owned / Woman-Owned Luxury Brand

For media inquiries, contact [email protected], or call 857.880.4148.

Find more information at

Wholesale options through

Contact Information:
Aishah Abdul
[email protected]
(857) 880-4148

Original Source: Black-Owned Luxury Brand Magi Madeline Launches Garment Hanger Line
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