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YANINA COUTURE FW25 during Paris Haute Couture Week


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Flowers have always inspired painters and poets with their beauty and vitality. Great creators saw a unique energy and tried to imprint a fleeting moment. 

The YANINA Couture house explores an ever-spring world for the new season and suggests move into a fabulous flower garden. On the 25th of June at Paris Fashion Haute Couture Week the brand showcased a couture collection which was inspired by frailty and, at the same time, the power of flowers. The designer Yulia Yanina suggests to have a look at the variety of female beauty through the prism of vivid images, where delicate roses verge on arrogant sunflowers.

There are many colors in the collection: pink, yellow, silver, white, light blue altogether they symbolize love of life and enjoyment. At the core of this collection is found an idea of beauty unicity. It is impossible to meet two identical women, as well as there is no chance to find two identical flowers.The main character of the new collection feels her own uniqueness, she is confident and shows energy and faultless charm to the world. Due to her stunning beauty, people around become kinder, easier and want to follow her. 

When I think about the character of my collection, I imagine a woman who enjoys every second of her life. She finds herself young, and it doesnt matter how old she is: she believes, dreams and wants a lot. There are many ideas and wishes in her head. She believes that everything is possible, - describes Yulia Yanina.

Thanks to modern technology, the YANINA Couture team has created many unusual textures. Through the use of the tissue application and the bas-relief illusion appears a feeling of alive image. Especially for the new collection were created luxurious picturesque fabrics. Also was used an important embroidery for the fashion house. This time it is floral shaped and appears lightly touches on the clothes.

In addition to light floral dresses, there are capes and robes in the new collection, that surprise with their beauty and novelty. Jackets are cropped and fitted, with extended shoulders and oversize, but at the same time elegant and stylish. A lot of attention is paid to skirts the exaggerated trumpet skirt, new look models, silhouette maxi, flippy skirt, A-line skirt each are able to emphasize womens unicity. Also were used accessories: gloves, kerchiefs, caps complement fancy images of the heroine, who loves courageous experiments and understands how to be different, but at the same time be true to her style. 

The fashion YANINA Couture house continues to praise and highlight female beauty, attempts to show new sides and emphasizes timeless values, sort of agreement with the words of the grate Christian Dior: After women, flowers are the loveliest thing God has given the world.

Runway Looks

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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