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Afsane Jetha Participates at the International Monetary Fund World Bank Group Annual Meeting 2022

CEO of Alta Semper Capital Afsane Jetha participated in the International Monetary Fund Annual Meeting World Bank Group 2022 to discuss the important role of feminism on development policy.

WASHINGTON - October 31, 2022 - (

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group (IMF-WMG) hosts its annual meeting for 2022, and specifically hosted several forums, to address gender inequality globally. Ms. Afsane Jetha participated in a panel entitled "Empowering Women to Unleash Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Development: Should Development Policy be Feminist." As many countries are adopting feminist policies globally, women in leadership from around the world were invited to share their insights into reducing gender inequality, including Afsane Jetha, Managing Partner and CEO of Alta Semper Capital.

"It is an honor to speak at such a prestigious event and be given a platform to share encouraging ideas for progress and development regarding gender equality," says Jetha. "Through this panel, I believe we can reshape the way we think of development finance and its role in women empowerment and build the case that women are truly an undervalued asset class that can help unleash global growth."

Jetha along with panelists, Memory Kachambwa, Executive Director, of the African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), Dr. Mercedes d'Alessandro, former Director of Economy, Equality, and Gender of the Ministry of Economy, Argentina as well as Ms. Parwati Surjaudaja, CEO of OCBC NISP bank, discussed the critical role of financial development in gender equality.

The IMF-WMG event seeks to explore the potential for women, especially women entrepreneurs and women-led enterprises, to engage critical actors and call for change in community development and how government policies and resources are decided. The event, in collaboration with the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), and the Center for Global Development (CDG), commemorates WBG's year-long initiative #Accelerate Equality and marks the 10-year anniversary of the World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development (WDR 2012).

Afsane Jetha is the co-founder, managing partner, and CEO at Alta Semper Capital, a private-equity management firm that seeks to invest flexible and strategic capital across selected growth markets, with a focus on the healthcare and consumer sectors. Afsane received her MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSc in economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Original Source: Afsane Jetha Participates at the International Monetary Fund World Bank Group Annual Meeting 2022
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Original Source: Coach Barnes' New Book 'The Recondition: A Guide to Loving Yourself Through the Trauma' is a powerful tool for reclaiming one's story and experiencing a healthy mindset
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