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Dan Alamariu Joins Alpine Macro as Chief Geopolitical Strategist

MONTREAL - January 17, 2023 - (

Alpine Macro, a Montreal-based independent investment research firm, announced that veteran geopolitical strategist Dan Alamariu has joined its team. As Chief Geopolitical Strategist, Dan will lead the firm's geopolitical research, which will broaden Alpine Macro's research and product offering.

Prior to joining Alpine Macro, Dan spent eight years with UBS, where he was an Executive Director and Senior Americas Country Risk Analyst responsible for country sovereign risk analysis for the Americas. Prior to UBS, Dan was a Director at Eurasia Group in New York. Dan pursued postgraduate studies in International Relations at the London School of Economics, holds a master's in International Affairs from Columbia University, and a BSFS from Georgetown University. 

 "I am so thrilled that Dan is now a part of our growing research team. At a time of war, social upheaval and rising geopolitical tensions around the world, a deep understanding of important geopolitical events and trends is a critical input to a successful investment process. Alpine Macro's clients will benefit greatly from Dan's insight, knowledge, and experience," said Chen Zhao, Alpine Macro's Co-founder, and Chief Global Strategist.

"Alpine Macro will continue to invest in top talent to deepen our research and broaden our coverage to meet our clients' needs. With Dan leading our geopolitical strategy, Alpine Macro is well-positioned to offer clients timely and actionable investment advice relating to major geopolitical events and themes," added Arun Kumar, CEO of Alpine Macro.

Says Alamariu: "I am delighted to join Alpine Macro and certainly looking forward to working together with a young and growing research team to develop the firm's geopolitical service. I am very excited to have the opportunity to interact with Alpine Macro's clients and offer my thoughts and insights on political and geopolitical issues around the world." 

About Alpine Macro: Founded in 2017, Alpine Macro is an independent global investment research firm based in Montreal, Canada. Alpine Macro focuses on the analysis of major macro-economic forces and specializes in forecasting the direction of global financial markets while providing actionable recommendations on investment strategy and asset allocation. Please visit for more details.

Contact Information:
Arun Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

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Original Source: Dan Alamariu Joins Alpine Macro as Chief Geopolitical Strategist
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Carl Brown, TikTok Sensation and President of SimplyRFiD, to Host ‘Transforming Inventory Accuracy’ Retail Roundtable

Carl Brown, founder of SimplyRFiD and making inventory fun, hosts a weekly online roundtable where retail colleagues meet, learn, and contribute in a world class discussion on achieving inventory accuracy. The next roundtable is February 7 at noon, Eastern.

Carl Brown, TikTok Sensation and President of SimplyRFiD, to Host ‘Transforming Inventory Accuracy’ Retail Roundtable
Inventory Accuracy Roundtable with Carl Brown

Retailers meet in an discussion on Inventory Accuracy with RFID hosted by Carl Brown, President of SimplyRFiD

Carl Brown, founder and President of Simply RFiD, TikTok wonder, and RFID expert, hosts a weekly online roundtable "Transforming Inventory Accuracy." This roundtable brings up to six top retailers together to discuss how accurate inventory enables today's omnichannel supply chains - and, how to get there from here.

Quarterly inventories are obsolete. To compete today, inventories must be done daily or weekly.

Before RFID, the only choice was manual barcode counts that took days and were only 75-85% accurate (Source: Gartner Contemporary Retail Report, November 2021). Still, when RFID became viable around 2008, the value of RFID wasn't there because the concept of how to use a global accurate inventory didn't exist. Omnichannel and e-commerce are driving requirements for retailers. Store inventory must be connected to the web and it must be accurate.

This weekly roundtable explores the best practices for achieving 99% levels of inventory accuracy. "Store managers often think they have 95%+ accuracy - but, how do they know? Once RFID goes in, the truth is closer to 70%," says Carl Brown. "That's normal. It's impossible to measure without RFID - in this roundtable we discuss how to move from the unknown to the known, in an open format of sharing best practices and outcomes."

Retailers in previous roundtables include:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Macys
  • Carters
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Wal-Mart
  • Crocs
  • Dollar Tree

The next roundtable is February 7 at noon, Eastern. Roundtables are closed door. Press may apply to attend and audit, along with retailers at

Carl can be reached for comment on TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Contact Information:
William Montalbo
Vice President, Marketing
[email protected]
+1 703.343.1689

Original Source: Carl Brown, TikTok Sensation and President of SimplyRFiD, to Host 'Transforming Inventory Accuracy' Retail Roundtable
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