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Provenance Blockchain Foundation Announces $50 Million Hash Grants Program for Blockchain Developers

Largest grant program to support regulated financial services on blockchain

Provenance Blockchain Foundation, which catalyzes the adoption and development of the public and open-source Provenance Blockchain, today announced the launch of a $50 million grant program for blockchain developers (the "Provenance Blockchain Grant Program"). Provenance Blockchain Foundation believes that this is the largest blockchain development grant pool offered specifically for the regulated financial services sector.

The Provenance Blockchain Grant Program will award $50 million in HASH (HASH is the native token on Provenance Blockchain) to support developers building core services and experiences that enable the full digitally-native lifecycle of regulated financial assets on blockchain technology.  

Provenance Blockchain Foundation will evaluate grant applicants based on a number of factors, including their ability to contribute to asset perfection, asset origination, on/off ramps, security, compliance, wallets, identity, developer tools, and new financial asset use cases. Additionally, all projects awarded grants must undergo "Know Your Customer" screening.

"Successfully enabling open innovation is how financial services will be meaningfully improved for businesses and customers globally," said Morgan McKenney, CEO of Provenance Blockchain Foundation. "That is why the launch of our grants program is such an exciting milestone, further deepening our collaboration with talented and diverse developers who want to create an enduring and sustainable ecosystem for launching and managing real-world digitally native financial assets on-chain and enable the ongoing mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in financial services."

"The Provenance Blockchain grant program is carefully designed to ensure Provenance Blockchain hosts the highest quality ecosystem of developers building services specifically for regulated financial services," noted Joshua Maddox, Head of Developer Ecosystem at Provenance Blockchain Foundation. "This program is not simply a grant; the Provenance Blockchain Foundation will partner directly with developers to make onboarding and solutioning simple, to promote networking with other developers and ecosystem participants, and to support the announcement and promotion of their services. This is a win for developers who are passionate about meaningfully improving financial services and for the broader Provenance Blockchain ecosystem."

The Provenance Blockchain ecosystem provides an environment for open innovation, where developers, financial applications, and issuers come together to enable the full digitally-native lifecycle of financial assets. Developers on Provenance Blockchain have the opportunity to earn revenue from ecosystem participants who use their services.  

In addition, the Provenance Blockchain Foundation will collaborate with and support developers beyond HASH-based grants by providing ecosystem introductions and networking opportunities, product promotion and marketing, and technical onboarding help. Interested developers can get started by visiting

About Provenance Blockchain

Purpose-built to transform financial services, Provenance Blockchain enables regulated financial service firms of all sizes to seamlessly and securely deploy and manage the full lifecycle of digitally-native financial assets at scale on a public blockchain, delivering material business and customer value.

Founded in 2018, Provenance is the leading public blockchain for financial services with over $12B in transactions supported. Part of the Cosmos ecosystem, the open-source blockchain is actively leveraged by more than 60 leading financial institutions across banking, private equity, and capital markets, lending, payments, and asset management. The native utility token, HASH, is used to pay transaction fees and enable governance. Please visit Provenance Blockchain at and follow us on Twitter @provenancefdn and LinkedIn.

Provenance Blockchain Foundation Contact:

Dan Garzia

Provenance Blockchain Foundation

[email protected]

Media Contacts:

Ryan Dicovitsky/Jeff Siegel

Dukas Linden Public Relations

[email protected]

Contact Information:
Dan Garzia
[email protected]

Original Source: Provenance Blockchain Foundation Announces $50 Million Hash Grants Program for Blockchain Developers
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CannaBabe is Quickly Emerging in the Entertainment Industry After Debut of Exclusive Invite-Only Launch Event: ‘Kiss Me, I’m a CannaBabe’

Brand On Marketing, the Wana Brands Foundation, PUFF Cannabis Co. and CannaBabe Will Collectively Donate $6,000 to Alternatives for Girls in Detroit on Thursday, March 30, in Line With CannaBabe's Impactful Pledge to Its Community.

CannaBabe is Quickly Emerging in the Entertainment Industry After Debut of Exclusive Invite-Only Launch Event: ‘Kiss Me, I’m a CannaBabe’
Kiss Me, I'm A CannaBabe

While their event had high expectations, the execution spoke for itself. The founders had received an overwhelming amount of positive testimonials praising the curated atmosphere and intentions - it was quite inspiring.

Voices were amplified, gender gaps were diminished and the industry really showed out for the debut of CannaBabe's private invite only launch event: "Kiss Me, I'm A CannaBabe" last Thursday at the Brooklyn Detroit.

While their event had high expectations, the execution spoke for itself. The founders had received an overwhelming amount of positive testimonials praising the curated atmosphere and intentions - it was quite inspiring. Diversifying the industry is no small task, but Mary Sharp and Jenna Kaltenberg found a fun and inclusive way to do so while also providing a safe and inviting environment for their guests. From the support from amazing sponsors to talented DJs keeping the event alive, and the amazing guests that embodied what it means to be a CannaBabe. It was an evening filled with music and art to curate a memorable night between elite cannabis brands and influential guests, aiming to provide an immersive, cannabis-friendly alternative to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! The event had hit full capacity weeks prior, and there were many that were unable to attend the debut; however, the energy of those who attended was immaculate. 

The local artist Sheefy McFly was performing live demonstrations of his work while also doing a giveaway of a painted skateboard deck along with a vintage McFly polaroid. DogHouse Cannabis co-branded the VIP lounge with Sheefy McFly decor reflecting the recent release of CRUD™️. Detroit Social Events and Curtis Lamar with Backwoods & Bonfires festival were generous enough to provide two VIP tickets to their annual summer festival hosted in Detroit. Hype showed out with their walking taco food truck to satisfy the munchie cravings of the 700+ attendees throughout the evening; it was hard to not have an appetite with so many engaging activations. Wynk was slinging sweet seltzers to provide guests with a balanced, light, social experience. Element Extractions was dabbling into their concentrates to ensure guests could be fully educated on their products while also learning how to get the potent high they were seeking for. Chill Medicated was serving up the syrup with their Mocktail bar to allow guests to sample their fast-acting syrup tinctures in a variety of fruity flavors and also gifting samples for guests to try later on. Chill Medicated was also providing massages with their topical body rubs for pain, inflammation and skin conditions. Each guest was allotted 5 minutes for a professional shoulder massage using the topicals, aiming to promote their latest lineup of Topicals To-Go that are intended for quick on the go use. With live back to back performances by DJ Kdirty and DJ Sillygirlcarmen, the evening was filled with house-tech vibes which is the perfect presetting to Movement creeping up quickly. These girls really know how to get the dance floor moving and grooving! Puff was generous enough to donate product to the CannaBabe pre-sesh for the ladies helping host the event, in addition to providing $1000 worth of product from their retail stores as a prize to a lucky guest. Additional brands, such as Light Sky Farms, Wana Brands, Michigander Fire, Heavyweight Heads, Flower of Life and Evolution Edibles all had table activations to connect and educate with guests at the event. CannaBabe is delighted to have such strong support from amazing local brands. They would like to recognize the brands and sponsors involved in the event that made this dream a reality. A special thank you to our presenting sponsor PUFF Cannabis Co. and Brand On Marketing for executing our vision visually. 

CannaBabe partnered with the Wana Brands FoundationBrand On Marketing and PUFF Cannabis Co to present a donation check in the amount of $6000 towards the chosen charity Alternatives for Girls on Thursday, March 30th. Every event hosted by CannaBabe will have a new charity organization, local to the area of the event is being hosted, to partner with and to donate proceeds from the event. By supporting CannaBabe, you support those less fortunate in local communities. 

"We believe there was a change that needed to happen and that change started with us throwing our first Cannababe Launch event, with a positive turnout of over 700 people throughout the evening from all over Michigan, out of state, consumers to investors, to people outside of the Cannabis industry looking to dip their toes into something they've never experienced or had been apart of. We have been to a multitude of events, and something we had noticed was that after every event everything just goes silent and it is the same 200 people we all know and no one or nothing new. We chose to use our voices to create a positive change and continue to spread awareness on not only the industry we are in, but the communities we are hosting these events in. With each event we throw we will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to a non profit organization we believe in. For this last event we donated a portion of the proceeds to Alternatives for Girls out of the SouthWest of Detroit. By acknowledging those out there who are in need of support, it will bring us all closer together as a community. We believe in throwing gatherings with a cause and spreading awareness for the bipoc, lgbtq+ community, and working together equally as any gender. Join us in continuing to make positive changes for not only us but everyone in the communities we are all a part of." - MaryJenna, CannaBabe Founders 

CANNABABE - promoting inclusive community and connection between brands and consumers to facilitate brand recognition, strengthen loyalty and provide a space for companies to generate new business opportunities and provide education. To amplify the voices and representation of women in the cannabis industry and to bridge the gap between traditional consumption events and cultural gatherings. 

BRAND ON Marketing - a modern solution to an ever-evolving market. With a team of advanced industry professionals, we can bring any idea to life. We are always looking to expand our creative abilities by exploring new industries, if we strongly feel we can benefit your company. Making the impossible possible, we put your brand on. 

Media Contact: [email protected]

Contact Information:
Ryli Kant
President of Brand On Marketing
[email protected]
(989) 574 - 6498

Original Source: CannaBabe is Quickly Emerging in the Entertainment Industry After Debut of Exclusive Invite-Only Launch Event: 'Kiss Me, I'm a CannaBabe'
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