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Statement by Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen on Suspension of Russia from the Financial Action Task Force

WASHINGTON – Today, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the international standard-setting body on illicit finance, suspended the Russian Federation from its membership. This is the first time in the FATF’s 34-year history that the body has taken such unprecedented action, a step warranted by Russia’s unlawful, immoral, and unprovoked war against Ukraine.

FATF members lead the global effort on combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation and members are expected to uphold and promote core principles that safeguard the global financial system.  Russia’s ongoing war undermines the principles of international cooperation and mutual respect that underpin the mandate of the FATF.

In its public statement, the FATF expressed growing concern over reports of arms trade by Russia with United Nations sanctioned countries and malicious cyber-activities emanating from Russia. The FATF advises that jurisdictions remain vigilant of threats to their financial system arising from Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“The United States commends the FATF’s historic decision to suspend Russia’s membership in the body,” said Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen. “Russia’s disregard for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is at odds with the FATF’s foundational values of international cooperation and the rule of law. Further, Russia’s dealings with suppliers of last resort such as Iran and North Korea, its government-driven efforts to evade international sanctions and export controls, and other activities like harboring cybercriminals or the Wagner Group make it a haven for illicit finance – the very thing the FATF works to combat.”

At this week’s plenary, the FATF also approved an updated standard on legal arrangements such as trusts as well as new guidance on beneficial ownership transparency of companies to stop their misuse by criminals. The FATF adopted its first-ever report on ransomware that urges countries to take immediate steps to identify and disrupt ransomware finance and to implement the FATF standards for virtual assets as soon as possible. In addition, the FATF adopted the Mutual Evaluation Reports of Indonesia and Qatar. 

Outcomes of the FATF Plenary, 24 February 2023


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CyanGate Introduces OneTeg’s New iPaaS Connectors to Streamline Integrations

Speeding time to value and ease of use for business-critical applications

OneTeg, the no-code content and data integration platform, today launched more than 40 Connectors to help organizations streamline integrations with leading business-critical applications. The increase in SaaS applications to solve challenges in productivity, digital asset management (DAM), product information management (PIM), storage, and more is not slowing down. The latest OneTeg Connectors include 40 plus pre-configured solutions to help organizations solve typical integration challenges at scale for key areas of business. 

"The faster and easier customers can leverage your technology, the better," said Ana L'Antigua, head of technology partnerships, Aprimo. "Solving the challenges and complexity associated with integrating technologies and platforms with OneTeg is a game-changer for organizations today." 

The new Connectors offer integration solutions in the following categories: 

  • Digital asset management (DAM) with Aprimo, MediaValet, Widen, Bynder 
  • eCommerce with Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce (Magento) 
  • Product information management (PIM) with Akeneo, Salsify, inriver 
  • Productivity with Jira, MailChimp, Trello, AirTable, Threekit, and WordPress 
  • Storage with Box, Sharepoint, Google Drive 
  • Others with Brightcove, Spotify, Showpad, Productsup, Vimeo, Youtube, iStock 

"Integrating solutions easily and delivering a faster time to value is critical to business agility today," said Bulent Dogan, founder and senior solution architect, OneTeg. "OneTeg Connectors provide no-code integration solutions for some of the most important applications today with just a few clicks. Teams can't scale or solve modern challenges manually anymore. However, automation with iPaaS makes it possible." 

Connectors help customers access the full application benefits without the typical integration limitations. Ease of use means business users leverage Connectors, making time to value almost immediate. Cost savings are significant as custom integrations and maintence of those integrations are eliminated.  

Learn more about the value of OneTeg at the DAM LA event on March 23-24, 2023, or see the full list of available OneTeg Connectors here.  


About CyanGate: 

CyanGate designs, delivers and supports award-winning Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Salesforce Solutions, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with an office in Ankara, Turkey. CyanGate specializes in DAM system architecture design, Enterprise DAM implementations, and integrations. We ensure our customers reduce operational costs, return on investment, and improve productivity through our Digital Asset Management Solutions. CyanGate's customers include global Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries. 

Media Contact:  

Erika Goldwater 


+ 1 617.407.3578 

[email protected] 

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Erika Goldwater
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