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DroneSense Unveils Next-Level Technology for Public Safety UAS Ecosystem

Drone as First Responder

Drone as First Responder

DroneSense, a leading innovator in drone software solutions for the public safety sector, is thrilled to announce the release of groundbreaking new integrations and features that will empower public safety agencies across the nation. 

With a steadfast commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, DroneSense has worked diligently to ensure its products remain at the forefront of drone technology. This dedication is evident as it unveils its latest integrations and features at INTERPOL Drone Expert Summit (IDES) 2023 in Chula Vista, California, further solidifying its position as the all-encompassing platform every public safety agency needs. These enhancements promise to transform the way agencies manage their drone operations and improve their ability to serve and protect their communities.

Some of the key highlights of DroneSense’s new integration and feature releases include:

  1. Dock Integration: DroneSense now offers an advanced integration that facilitates cloud-based operations with the DJI dock.
  2. Airspace Awareness: With the new Airspace Awareness integration, DroneSense provides agencies with real-time information about the airspace where their drones are operating. This includes details on other crewed and uncrewed aircraft and dynamic airspace restrictions. 
  3. Terrain Following: The Terrain Following feature allows drones to maintain a consistent altitude above the ground, even in areas with varying topography; this ensures that the drone maintains a safe distance from the ground, obstacles or changes in elevation, optimizing the quality and safety of aerial data collection.
  4. CoPilot: The CoPilot integration represents a groundbreaking advancement for public safety agencies, allowing personnel to seamlessly stream video, even from blue drones that are not directly integrated with the DroneSense platform. 

“As a leader in the public safety drone industry, we are committed to providing agencies with the most advanced tools to help them save lives and protect their communities,” said Chris Eyhorn, co-founder and CEO of DroneSense. “These new integrations and features are a testament to our dedication to our mission. DroneSense truly has everything an agency needs in one platform.”

Public safety agencies that integrate DroneSense into their operations can expect greater efficiency, enhanced safety, and improved outcomes in various mission-critical scenarios.

For more information about DroneSense and to explore the full range of capabilities offered by the platform, please visit or contact us at [email protected]

About DroneSense:

DroneSense is the most comprehensive drone management and collaboration platform on the market and the only software that provides public safety agencies with everything they need to fly, share, and manage their drone program. DroneSense is on a mission to help revolutionize public safety by delivering mission-critical software that enables comprehensive situational awareness for first responders in all of their missions. 

Contact Information:
Christina O'Berto
Chief Marketing Officer
[email protected]

Original Source: DroneSense Unveils Next-Level Technology for Public Safety UAS Ecosystem
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